Poster Small Blue Flowers - House Beautiful - House Beautiful

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Small Blue Flowers - House Beautiful - House Beautiful
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By Henry Draper of New Zealand 🦢💠💦I appeared on the RealSide looking for something Real to learn about as many people I know on the earth are only interested in their one-dimensional life of video games, jobs, careers, cars and money. I happened to be with a few friends and we were in a different dimension of the parents I have come through's house, the house was huge, demonstrating a large idea that they have created for themselves while on the earth and basically having only a focus here.
After what seemed like hours I saw someone playing a DVD on the television. ShamIS (a RealUNUversal Guide) appeared. The DVD was explaining The NUPresentation. I was very interested to learn and Seee more so I entered the scene of where the individual from the DVD was speaking and it was a beautiful ISland, where I was able to PerSeeeve the Whole of Life as the Wonderfulll Ocean LifeISSS in all directions.
Next, I was running and playing with Melody, a wonderfulll seven year old I've come to know on this planet earth. I was playing with Melody for what could have been days on the earth, she was so careless and free of concern, it was such fun.
Soon, we found a flying fox which is always my favourite thing to play on at playgrounds. I went first as I swooped down a rolling hill looking over the ocean, to a giant tree where I stopped, then it was Melody's turn. I had to help her out of a tree after she was a bit tangled up at the end of her ride. She was so small as I went to help that I picked her up with two fingers. It is really important we all have RealGuidance and RealEducation and Real Support while going through our Process in Creation.
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Living in a world
Full of fantasies,
By the sight of an artist
I wish I could see.

Small houses
Little huts,
And wider roads
With narrow cuts.

Beautiful trees
That surround the roads,
And streets full of sheeps
And farm goats.

Mesmerizing gardens
And colourful flowers,
Those accompanied
By the lush green grass.

Snowy mountains
And the blue skies,
With the reindeers roaming
And the trees of pine.

The sight of a night club
Where men are enjoying,
And those glamorous women
With a glass of wine.

Where children are playing
At the street,
Where rainfall comes
And the snowfall greets.

Fishes in the ponds
And the rivers flow,
Those nights are filled 
With artificial glow.

Large oceans and
The dolphins squeak,
And the sailor
Sailing across the sea.

I would be telling
Everyone with a glee,
Nice poster, is not it?

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