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Adwen Adwen - Adwen
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“They hoped to enslave us, we’ll show them the Adweni cannot be tamed. We are a free people, and we will prevail.” - Kir’th, Legendary Queen Of Aetherion ✨
Basically, Kir’th snapped and went full Hannibal Barca mode. Also yes, Adweni ride mammoths into battle. Go big or go home as we say 💪
This event is known as the “March of the Mammoths” and it’s one of Noks’ fave historical events. .
📖 I will make a longer post on what actually happened later when I’ve ordered my notes but basically there were three brothers - the first two inherited from their father, the King, the Kingdom of Haringeäld and the Middle Realm (not called Middle Realm yet). 📖 The youngest brother - Pelen - didn’t receive any land but married the Princess of The Adwen - Kir’th. The Adwen was a very poor land at the time. One of the particularities of the Adwen is that, there, the King and Queen rule as equals over the land.
📖 Pelen and Kir’th were living a simple life but were happy. Someday, a huge trail of gold was found in the mines in the West of the Adwen, making it a supposedly richer land than both Haringeäld and the Middle Realm. 📖 The two older brothers grew jealous of Pelen’s sudden wealth and they decided to overthrow the Adweni Royal couple. War ensued - Pelen and Kir’th fought side by side on the battlefield until Pelen was mortally wounded and died in his wife’s arms. She vowed to avenge him and protect the Adwen.
📖 After that, she gathered all her bannermen and they all pledged their swords and men to her cause - as it was also theirs. 📖 Thousands of men and dozens of Mammoths sailed to the Northern Kingdom of Haringeäld - during Winter, as she knew the brothers would wait for Spring to attack, waiting for better weather conditions.
📖 Long story short, she crossed several ranges of mountains with the Mammoths, eventually met the brothers’ armies on a battlefield near the shore, defeated them, and founded the new Capital of Haringeäld - Pelenion - as tribute to her late husband. 📖 THE END (for now) .
#originalstory #legend #originalcharacter #worldbuilding #plot #mammoth #queen #warrior #conceptartist #blizzard #warriorqueen #oc #myoc
New major OC! ✨
I’m here to introduce you to a new character from my fictional story, Nadaixa Fairel!
She is from Freymere (the capital of the Adwen region of my world map, in the far South of the known world) and... Aeldir’s fiancée! .
... what? 😱
Yeah, ma boi Aeldir - who is in a secret sex-friends-but-I’m-actually-in-love-with-you with Artharn - is to marry this woman. 🤭
She is also a very skilled chemist and shares her workshop with Beltharn and Aeldir. She also believes in magic and thinks chemistry and magic are very closely related. .
#oc #originalcharacters #newoc #woman #lady #fictional #myart #characterdesign #digitalartist #digitalart #igartist #medievallady
She a pretty and a bhad kid. mamaga_music
She got that damn beauty and she is just cute. 
You got more love from here and worldwide. 
We look up to you, this song makes me cry anytime I listen to it. My Story - Adwen Dwen 🤧🤧🤧🤧 ..... Love me, love you too 💖💖💖
Song mixed by odbstudios.
Follow mamaga_music mamaga_music .....
Big up to MamaGa Empire 🙏 Love you CEO, mamaga_music of mamagatombrown
#shensea #shenseea #mamagaempire #mgempire #songs #sorrowful #story #collaboration #jamaica #shenseeamusic #mamagamusic #music #viralvideos #cry
choosing from a long list of menu is sometimes tiring. fufuasap has made it short with alot of specials each and everyday.
Monday menu • Fufu /rice with chicken light soup ...
•Fufu/ rice with Adwene/kotodwe/ salmon light soup
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Whiles we ready for #Cloud9 
Let's jam to this one here ....#M'adwen
Prod. By MikeMillzOnEm & MM By Ocee_beats

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Nice poster, is not it?

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