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So I’ve been keeping a secret. This year I’ve been working on this story that I first started writing when I was 12 years old. Over the years have rewritten and edited the story about a million times. Earlier this year, I felt God pushing me to publish. So, after my final rewrite, I have finally decided to publish. Currently, it’s just the ebook. (You do not have to have a kindle to read it btw). The paperback will be coming soon. If you want to wait for the paperback that’s fine! I would appreciate the support. I’m so excited! And know that even more and better books are coming soon. I’ve always loved writing and I’m so happy I can share it with everyone! God is so good and has helped me through this entire process. From the ideas and plot, all the way to the editing. So praise be to Him. I want to inspire others and show them God’s glory and love through my stories. So I hope you enjoy! Peace! #bookstagram #ebook #book #author #quote #inspiration #God #christian #amazon
Hit us with your favorite inspiring quotes folks!! ♥️ Making movies is haaaard, but we’re all stronger together! Stories have the capacity to move hearts and question ingrained ideas, they are a wonderful way to learn about ourselves, and empathize with each other ♥️ what quotes inspire you to get out of bed and make work?
Said Nobody. 
When you level up in life. A lot of people will flock to you. Some will be good some will be bad. Sometimes in life you'll realise that the thing you assumed was bringing you down might have been the one thing that made you who you are. A squirrel without the stink is just an easy to kill rodent.
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