Poster Self Loves: Beautiful Fantasy

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Self Loves: Beautiful Fantasy
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Mein selbstgezeichnetes Fantasie-Portrait als Pixel Art! 👸💖
(Und im zweiten Bild das gezeichnete Original!)
Made by #8bitpainterapp !
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My self-drawn Fantasy Portrait as a Pixel Art! 👸💖
(And in the second picture the drawn original!)
Ariana Grande is not just the biggest musician in the world right now. She’s a prime example of how raising yourself up, learning from lost love and moving forward will only bring you closer to where you need to be. And, after seven years of listening and admiring anything she touches, her new message means the most to me. “Thank U, Next,” the album, is a love letter to fans and a guideline to recovering from a breakup, coping with pain and learning self-love.
And I can’t stop listening.
The album’s first non-single, “Needy” gave me goosebumps.
It packs a lyrical punch into the short string-heavy fantasy.
Grande is honest and almost more so than ever before. She announces to the world that she has needy tendencies, something that’s often seen in a negative light in relationships. But she’s proud of the fact that she “loves too hard.” This is big.
Grande is in an industry where every little thing she does is under a microscope. Yet, she isn’t afraid to tell her fans that recognizing who you are is nothing to be afraid of. Over-attachment may be stigmatized in relationships, but Grande just made many more fans feel comfortable with their relationship approach, and probably themselves.
Grande, a few songs later, brings us a classic soul sample as another way of saying that being honest with your emotions is nothing to be ashamed of. “Fake Smile” samples an old-school Wendy Rene song, as Grande sings about, literally, refusing to hide her emotions.
She again hammers in to her fanbase the importance of recognizing your feelings and wearing them proudly.
And that’s what pop music needs right now.
It needs someone to say, “this is who I am and this is what I’ve been through, but I’ve continued to love myself the whole time.” In just 12 songs, Grande did something most artists havent done in their careers. 
She lets the world know she loves her
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