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Singing Hands & Something Special - Singing Hands
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Aesth-Edits ⁎⁺˳✧༚☆彡 (this is going to be a long caption) 
so this row is going to be a hayley row, and i feel bad but there will be more content of the boys afterwards! they’re all wallpaper size as well so they’ll be on my story after posting :) this post is also my tenth anniversary post for brand new eyes, the greatest album in the whole world (or, at least, my favourite of all time <3)

now about bne, i knew i had to do something special for ten years, so instead of doing a big thing, i took a whole bunch of stuff and put it into this one master-post! i made edits for the album overall and one for specifically misguided ghosts, my favourite song off of it, and considering that, i also did something very scary but very special - i recorded it as a cover! it was always one of those songs that i loved to play but saw as way too crazy difficult to post anywhere, but it’s just such a special day that i knew it was time. this song really means so much to me, so i hope i was able to do it some justice? also, im sick, so sorry if i sound weird, but you know i had to do it (to em). oh, and technically this song has lead and rhythm guitar, but sadly i only have two hands, so i just decided to mix them into one :) finally, for the end of the post, i decided to do a megamix cover of the whole album since i genuinely love every song on it but couldn’t fit full covers of each one! so enjoy a random vid of me trying to learn and play all the solos/most fun parts of each song <3 ~ contents in this post ~
slide 1: aesthetic edit of hayley
slide 2: bne moodboard edit
slide 3: misguided ghosts moodboard edit
slides 4-6: misguided ghosts cover
slide 7: bne blonde hayley edit
slides 8-10: bne megamix cover -

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The first time I ever heard you sing I knew you had something but the time after a show at S.O.B.’s when a crying woman came downstairs to simply touch your hand I knew you had something special. That unique gift you possess is not just in what you do, it’s who you are. Happy Birthday paula_sheniece.🎈🎉🎂🎁🎶🎵
The idea of celebrating Indigenous peoples day at MT. SAC started when I arrived at LAX after attending the 2015 Million Man March In Washington DC with some peers. We were waiting for our van to pick us up. I was exhausted from flying across the country but nevertheless I felt blessed and honored to witness a historical social political event. To honor that feeling while waiting for our van I took my flute out of my backpack and began to play and sing. I played my flute as a way to center myself give an offering , a prayer for the people I met, the knowledge I gained, Soon after my good friend Jonathan Trejo( Rosebud Sioux) jumped in and played music as well. I thought “ they really don’t care about us , our history, our resistance. Soo I took it apond myself the following day to print out memes full of satire about Columbus Day and I posted them all round campus while also informing people about indigenous peoples day. I felt like the artist Banksy for second haha.. then that day I said I wanna do something special to honor my native brothers and sisters. I was still exhausted jet lagged, after long day of classes, work and student government meetings. I decided to walk to the fountain of the indigenous people of the world ( In front of the MT. SAC library.) I Had my little hand drum, flute, and I began to play my music and sing and pray again. As I played alone, friends, coworkers, peers joined me and I shared some history, Indigenous songs and music and prayers. We held a discussion and from that , we realized we have to do much more than just hold space by the fountain. We needed to organized to turned Columbus day on campus to indigenous peoples day, clean and restore the fountain of the indigenous peoples of the world, and asked to paint a mural of all indigenous peoples of the world on the fountain. So we did  just that and the rest is history. What followed was to do the same thing in the City of Pomona so we did! The community college activism prepared us for bigger fights. I share this story to give more context and share some good times. To the next generation, the struggle continues, but you have the strength of generations of warriors-Alex X Juarez
Nice poster, is not it?

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