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Mina And Sonic The Hedgehog
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Mina Mongoose was a Mobian mongoose living in New Mobotropolis, who was gifted with super speed shortly before meeting the Freedom Fighters. She was first discovered by Sonic the Hedgehog after Dr. Eggman captured her mother and roboticized her, leaving Mina mourning and vulnerable to capture by Shadowbots. She fell in love with Sonic after spending more time with him, and tried to win over his heart. When she realized that Sonic loved Sally Acorn, she gave up on pursuing him, and she instead began a singing career, eventually becoming the lead singer for Knothole Knuts and later the Forget Me Knots. Though she left the Knothole Freedom Fighters, she remained an ally and friend to them, as well as an active-if somewhat misdirected at times-citizen of New Mobotropolis.

The daughter of Arthur Mongoose and his wife Isabella Mongoose, Mina was discovered inside Robotropolis during Dr. Eggman's siege, hopeless and panic-stricken, following her mother's capture. Her father had died during the Great War, and her mother would be subjected to Roboticization. During her time in the city, Mina met ...
Sonic and mina by drawloverlala | Sonic the hedgehog | Pinterest | Hedgehogs, Comic and Sonic funny
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