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Stephen King Apt Pupil
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Different Seasons by Stephen King
Published in 1982
This book contains four novellas by King. .
Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption. 
In 1948, Andy Dufresne, is wrongfully tried and convicted for the double murder of his wife and her lover. He is sent to Shawshank State Penitentiary to serve a double life sentence. Now he must to everything he can to survive life in prison.
Apt Pupil.
Teenager Todd Bowden discovers that Arthur Denker, an elderly German immigrant, is really Kurt Dussander a wanted Nazi war criminal.
The two strike up an unlikely friendship, a friendship that is no good for either of them.
The Body.
In Castle Rock, 12 year old Gordie Lachance and his three friends, Chris Chambers, Teddy Duchamp, and Vern Tessio set out into the woods find the body of Ray Bower.
The Breathing Method.
At the invitation of a senior partner, David, a  Manhattan lawyer, joins a strange men's club where the members, in addition to reading, chatting and playing chess, like to tell stories, some of which range from bizarre to terrifying.
Just before Christmas, one member tells the story of "The Breathing Method" about a young woman who is determined to give birth to her illegitimate child, no matter what the cost.
I had only ever read two of the stories in Different Seasons before, The Shawshank Redemption and The Body, and enjoying both. But for some reason I choose not to read the other two stories.
I am now extremely happy that I have finally gotten around to reading this book in full. Both Apt Pupil and The Breathing Method are excellent novellas with Apt Pupil being my favourite by far.
All four stories are a little different then King's normally work, as none of these stories full under the horror or supernatural genre that King is most normal know for. So for anyone that is interested in reading something by Stephen King but is not a big fan of horror I would highly recommend giving this a try.
For anyone that has read this, what was your favourite out of the four stories?
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“Las cuatro estaciones”, tremendo libro de Stephen King. 4 maravillosas historias, 3 de ellas (que yo sepa) hechas películas, dos de ellas clásicas: Verano de corrupción (The Apt Pupil), otoño de inocencia (“Stand by me” o “Cuenta conmigo”, clásica, con River Phoenix además y primavera de esperanza (“Rita Hayworth y la redención de Shawshank”), en película titulada como “Sueños de fuga”, clásico. El invierno es solo una pelá de cable de bichos fuera de este mundo, muy a lo King. Si quiere regalarle algo a sus hijos adolescentes que les quede para pa vida, trate este libro. No empiece con “it” ni con “Christine”, sea suave. Se que ahora con It pelan el cable con King, que está muy bien. Pero a mis 44 les digo que “Las cuatro estaciones” lo sigo disfrutando. Un antes y después (aun lloro mi edición que se me quedó en un taxi el 98, ahora vienen sólo en paperback). Bueno, así con el dato rosa primaveral. Enjoy!! #shawshankredemption #stephenking  #cuatroestaciones #differentseasons
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