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Stone Wall For Your 6
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To be a man you had to have stopped using your mothers soap for bathing. That was unacceptable boyish behavior. In fact, you needed to have stopped using your mother’s bathroom, your mothers open air bathroom, whose walls were live plants planted in such a way to form a circular shape. The floor was two flat stones, one for your basin and the other for your feet so that you do not have to step on mud while in the bathroom. You would, however, have to step on mud once you get out because slippers were a luxury. For a man, you needed to be taking baths in the river, no matter what time of day or night. ... What were you told/did you think it meant to be a man while growing up? 
I wrote a litu story on my kablog, this ☝ is just a kaparagraph from it, head over there and have a read, and maybe share it, and write your comments about that. Yes, even ladies, I don't know. ... #stories #manhood #childhood #adventure
Here's a treat for my Civil War friends and followers. A mini Heels on the Battlefield post is now live on the blog! I write about the battle at the stone wall/sunken road along Marye's Heights at the Battle of Fredericksburg. This is where Union troops attacked Confederate positions at the stone wall in 7 waves.  All attempts failed and no Union soldier got within 50 yards of the stone wall.  It should be noted the last 3 waves were essentially a suicide mission as General Ambrose Burnside knew he had lost the battle and sacrificed those souls so the rest of the army could retreat.  And of course, for my friends and fashion lovers, another Shoespiration segment is up featuring the Nine West Gilficco sandals. 😊 Head on over to the blog to see more pics of this look and learn more about this battle.  Have a wonderful rest of your week! 
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Dumaguete comes from the word "Daguit", which means to snatch or ensnare. 
It was a name wrought by repeated slave raids on this small coastal village by sea-faring pirates from the very far south. 
To defend against further attacks and abductions, the Spanish missionaries built a fortress around the early settlement. 
Massive coral stone walls were crested with four watch towers rising in each corner. 
In the peace that followed, prosperity flourished, and the one indefensible village, grew into a town, nurtured behind the shade of its sheltering walls. 
A hundred years pass and the stone walls slowly crumbled away, leaving behind the solitary Bell Tower for over a century, a city with a soul of a town, cultured in the simple and grateful nature of the island.

The village beside the sea, once captive to the whims of time and history, is now an urban myriad of everyday enchantments, enthralling in the spellbinding openness of its people, unexplainably captivating in its casual commonplace. 
The stone fortress that surrounded this town may have faded but the shadows of its walls, diffused over the distant decades, still cast its long and enduring shade like open arms stretched across time and space, giving,reaching out the warmest of indications to the weary seeking understanding and refuge, to the travel in pursuit of enlightened and cheerful revelations, and to all open-hearted people who come to her shores, the sheltering arms of Dumaguete will embrace and cradle you with disarming delight. 
Locals would say, "nadaguit ko sa Dumaguete," Dumaguete got me.

Welcome to the city with the charms of a town. 
Open your heart and let it take your breath away.

Dumaguete get me.

#negrosoriental #dumaguete #beautiful 
#네그로스오리엔탈 #두마게티 #멋있다
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