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When my friend told me there was the biggest cave in south east Asia, without thinking we agreed to say gow! But, where have i been for this time! Located in Desa Batu Agung, 30 km from the center of Trenggalek, access to the cave is not bad and the roads are not too small, because of this cave is also one-way with Prigi beach.

Goa Lowo, which means 'Bat' in Javanese, has a cheap rates, just 10 thousands that is enough to pay the tickets on weekend. Entering the mouth of cave, there is no mystical thing at all that we feel. Just 30 steps we walked, we've found a photo spot that is 'haram' for us to just to pass, a combination of stalactites and stalagmites and graded colorful from the lighting shows how cool collaboration between humans and the God is. Obviously this is amazing! Along the way we are guided by 'beton' roads and fences so we don't need to worry we'll get lost.

The deeper we explored the cave, the more curious we are. Coupled with the sound of water droplets and the flow of the river in the cave adds to the epic impression in this cave, until we find a large hall, it shows we have traveled along 850m of the cave and that is the end of our journey. The one unique thing, indeed like a hall, at the end of this cave we can enjoy carving natural cave walls with an area of ​​50m" with table ornaments, chairs, etc. If I bring my parents, this is the best place to eat 'timbel rice'! haha ​​but, ofcourse wherever it is not allowed to make litter, so it is advisable for you to bring plastic or bags for trash because as far as I remember there is no trash can inside.

But overall, this place and the management successfully made a cave stereotype that we usually regard as a dark, stuffy and spooky place to be interesting place. So for you who want to enjoy nature with a different sensations with the beach or mountain, the cave is one of them. And Lowo Cave is the best option to get it.
The Nasik Caves, or sometimes Pandavleni Caves (or Pandu Lena,Pandu Caves or Trirashmi Leni, Trirashmi being the name of the hills in which the caves are located, Leni being a Marathi word for caves), are a group of 24 caves carved between the 1st century BCE and the 3nd century CE, though additional sculptures were added up to about the 6th century, reflecting changes in Buddhist devotional practices mainly. Buddhist sculptures are a significant group of early examples of Indian rock-cut architecture initially representing the Hinayana tradition
Last Pic is from Caves No.10 inscription is in Hybrid Sanskrit, Brahmi Script Meaning of Inscription __ Success ! This cell, the gift of Dakhamitra, wife of Ushavadata, son of Dinika, and daughter of king Nahapana, the Khshaharata Kshatrapa.
#ancient #ancientcaves #ancientindia #pandavcaves #maharastra_clickers #maharashtra_ig #gadkille #maharastratravel #travelphotography #backpack #wanderlust
• blue caves • “back to Athens and finally found time to edit some of my (many) photos from Zakynthos.Here are some of my favs from that trip.The Blue Caves consist of particular geologic formations giving life to a succession of caves along the North-West coast of the island; they start soon after Agios Nikolaos to end near Skinari Cape.
You are an ANIMAL.
Maybe your cave is a bit more ‘civilised’ these days.. a bit warmer, softer and conveniently located close to transport links. But it’s a cave none-the-less: a nest, just like other animals make.
The difference is, your cave is lacking something.
Culturally we’ve severed our own limbs, declaring nature to be “out there”, and humans “in here”, where it’s “safe”. But because we are nature, and nature is us, that amounts to disconnecting from an essential truth of who we are. The wildness within. •
We are Wild Women. Wild Men. But we’ve disowned, shunned and stamped out our Wild Ways.
As a result, there’s a growing uneasiness (dis-ease) amongst us... it shows up as depression, anxiety, chronic illness, a sense of loneliness and disconnect. Striving to fill the void with successful careers, shiny cars, ever-bigger houses, all serving to take us further away from our natural way of being... when really what we need is to get down and dirty with the microbes, sleep under the stars, wake with the sun (and allow it access to our skin) and reconnect physically and spiritually to all those parts of ourselves that have been brushed under the carpet.
Yeah, modern life is different to that of our ancestors. But we carry their story in our bones, and, like them, we are interwoven with all other species, and with the earth herself in the vast network of existence.
You were never meant to be tamed, Goddess, never meant to exist in isolation from all that you are. Reductionist thinking has separated us from our true essence - no wonder we’re all feeling lost, confused and alone.
ReWilding is bringing us home to ourselves, is knowing our true nature... so bring the outside in, and get yourself out, you wild, free, unapologetic animal!!
#outsidein #biophillia #corporatewellness #interconnected #connect #empower #rewild #rewilding #rewildingforwomen #wildwomen #warriorwomen #goddessuntamed #fierceandfree #cyclicbeings #witchythings #ancestralroots #witchywomen #knowyourtruenature #wildwomanarchetype #keepwild #wearewild #thewildnesswithin #womensempowerment #stress #resilience #emotionalwellbeing #anxiety #depression #mindbodymastery
Every picture has a story to tell and so do this picture, and it goes like this - A day before this trek, i planned to go for a solo trek but nakhind was not the plan. I was out for an adventure wondering where to go with no plans. I was in a train gazing at the stary morning and clouds touching the lips of mountain suddenly my eyes went to the ridge of  Nakhind because the posture of mountain was similar to that of which i used to draw the mountains on my pages in my 3rd grade 😛 so right that moment i decided to climb this beautiful structure of mountain. I left the station for 5 km hike till the base village. Entering into village made me feel so small because right front of me there was this huge mountain ( and that's the beauty of nature - no matter how successful or important person you're, you'll always feel too small around nature) Further i continued hike up to reach the base village 2.  As i was moving upwards the top was looking more clear. Initially after crossing base village 2 i was lost twice in the jungle, the initial route was too confusing just dark woods and green leaves, leaving no trace of civilization. Fortunately after wasting an hour i got the correct route which i climbed up easily with every sip of water upto the cave. Believe me the cave up there was a meditating room for me - i can still feel those music of winds, cheerping of birds and the sound my heartbeat. That moment was me and i am that moment. To reach the top i was challenged by the very steep road.[umm no that was not a road :) It was a steep patch, one small fall and you're dead into the deep valley ] I left my bag and shoes in the cave & prepared myself mentally as well physically to clear that patch,i brushed my Basic rock climbing course skills to move ahead and further after that risky patch  i had to deal with a troop of monkeys 😂 believe me monkeys are not always easy taking animal- speaking through my past experience. So somehow i was up to the TOP of Nakhind that too without any human being, I found no human all through the trek- So it was a real solo trek.  This place looks much more beautiful then this picture 🌄
Nice poster, is not it?

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