Poster Quotes About Eating Disorders From Models

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Quotes About Eating Disorders From Models
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Taking a stroll through Tribeca on this sunny day in New York City (finally after all the sporadic rain fall 🌧🌧)
Makes me appreciate more and more the opportunity to live in the amazing city,  and work on spreading awareness for Eating Disorders.
I think social media is clouded by only positive imagery, and I want to talk a little bit about some of the struggles I’ve been having regarding body image. ———-
Over the last several months, I haven’t been the most confident. I haven’t been able to go the gym as much, or eat as healthy - and my body image has suffered. Even though I am “recovered” from my Eating Disorder, it’s important to be able to discuss the struggles that persist. I’ve decided to commit the next 30 days to posting strictly about positive body image growth. Every day, for the next 30 days - I will be sharing articles, quotes, and stories of my own and from others discussing this important issue. I’m excited to share with you!! ———
Let’s get started!! 💪🏻👌🏻😘🙌🏻
Featured here is the Dharma Collection Signature Pendant - coming to website soon! ——-
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Part 10: P E R F E C T I O N I S M 
After making that initial break through with Clay and breaking down some of my walls I was so much more comfortable with him. I let him in and began to tell him the thoughts of my heart concerning myself, my body, food and just my life. When I think back on this experience and my eating disorder as a whole I honestly think that a lot of my issues stemmed from one central thing...PERFECTIONISM. The desire for something truly impossible and unobtainable. I was obsessed with a need to be perfect. Perfect weight, eat in a perfect way, have the perfect body and perfect “self control.” In our world, perfection is portrayed everywhere. We see these perfect models with perfect bodies and assume they must have this perfect diet and perfect exercise routine and blah blah blah. But you want the inside scoop?! That portrayed perfection isn’t real. That person we hold on a pedestal struggles too and holds someone else on a pedestal who also struggles. It’s hard for us not to compare ourselves, especially with social media. We all put our best pictures on here living our best lives and that is awesome and great! But that’s why I’m here, to tell you I STRUGGLE TOO! If you were to look at my personal account it might seem like I’m always having an amazing day, and honestly I love my life and am seriously blessed so much. BUT! I also experience hard things, things that bring me down and things that make me sad and that’s ok! That’s life. I’ve thought a lot about all this deeply and the quote “comparison is the thief of joy.” If we were all at the same level and experience in life, there wouldn’t be much room for growth. Perfectionism manifested itself in more ways than just my self image. It was also in the way I spent my time, how much I read my scriptures, the amount I was on my phone, the number of times I served in a day etc. All of these things are really great things but when the intent behind them changes so does their purpose and benefit. I was doing these more as a checklist and if I did any of them for less time than I was “supposed to” I felt like a complete failure and might as well have not done them at all. (Last paragraph below
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