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Stone Wall
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The Cliffs of Moher are a must visit destination when you visit Ireland.  Located on the west coast. 
It was about a 3 and a half hour drive to get there from Dublin. 
Our tour guide repeatedly told us to NOT jump over the stone wall.  He told us that many people have died in wanting to get the perfect selfie ... upon our arrival there were signs all over telling us not to go over the stone walls that divided the « safe » path and the dangerous one. 
Even though security guards walked around to keep order many people decided not to follow the rules. 
No judgement, even if I’m terrified of heights I did get tempted ... but then I got nauseous thinking of how dangerous it was. 
I wanted to place this picture of the stone to remember the people who passed away and to remind those who are going to visit to please stay on the safe side of the path and enjoy the beautiful sight of the Cliffs of Moher!
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More than 1 ton of water and glass cantilevered through a stone wall...just waiting for the fish. Le piece de resistance in this ottawa home we designed recently  #aquarium. Now complete,  this salt water aquarium will take more than a month to  fill with coral and fish.  Thanks to  Brian Vlaming and #ltrindustries for engineering and building the large hinged stone clad doors and  to #urbano for the fine installation of the stone panels.  Looking forward to seeing this undersea world  come alive with coral and fish  Paul serenityreefs #contemporaryhomes #livingart #malcolmwildeboer #serenityreefs #dcsnellingltd #architecturehunter
A Bath With The Gods ~ The Onsen, part two

High in the hills, nestled in the valley of two green mountains existed a hot springs, or onsen. Used by travellers for many hundreds of years the onsen continues to seep its geothermal water to the surface. The keepers of the springs built rock pools to collect and trap the precious liquid.
The mountains surrounding are emerald and lush, forests so think and misted that people have been getting lost in them since there have been people. A red-faced, stern-nosed deity is regarded as presiding over who makes it out of the hills safe and sound and who does not.
With the thunderstorm still firmly raging, the onsen had an edge-of-the-known-world type feeling to it.

And indeed our two adventurers, standing there at the threshold of the outdoor pool with nothing more than a hand towel, felt as if they were on the verge between the real world and the spirit world.

They stepped through the sliding walls, stark naked, the onsen lay before them.
Enclosed by a low stone wall, covered in vines and creepers. Plants too encircled the pool. Hearty ferns, delicate trees, all green and full of ethereal life.

The pool itself was shallow, no more than knee-deep. The stone that enclosed it was dark and smooth. It looked as if it could have been fashioned from any era. A wooden open air gazebo covered half the pool, rain water streaming down its sides and off its eaves. The other half of the onsen was open to he elements, steam rising to become one with the clouds that already enshrouded the valley.

Nowhere else to go but forward, our two heroes descended upon the crystal clear steaming bath.
However they were not alone. In and around the rock pool basked four men; at least, they looked like men.
Each was stoic and silent, and paid our heroes no more than a quick glance. Each man also sat alone, and in pose worthy of creating a statue for. Their faces, each reminiscent of Kabuki masks, gave off a sense of power, and restraint.
These were indeed the lords of this region. Otherworldly beings taking advantage of the thunder and lightning that had ripped a hole through the known and unknown realms. ...some stories are best left unfinished
Fado by candlelight. The melancholic sound of Lisbon. This  fado club is built into an ancient palace & the stone wall is a remaining piece of the 5th-century city walls and must have survived the 1755 earthquake 🎼🖤🎼🖤#pateodealfama #páteodealfama #fado #alfama #lovelisbon
Nice poster, is not it?

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