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Batman The Dark Knight
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Happy Batman Day! 🦇
1.) The Dark Knight - 5/5
2.) Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 - 5/5
3.) Batman Begins - 5/5
4.) Batman: Under the Red Hood - 5/5
5.) Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 - 5/5
6.) The Dark Knight Rises - 4.5/5
7.) Batman: Mask of the Phantasm - 4.5/5
8.) Batman (1989) - 4.5/5
9.) The Batman Superman Movie: World's Finest - 4.5/5
10.) Batman: Assault on Arkham -  4/5
11.) Batman Returns - 4/5
12.) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - 3.5/5
13.) Batman and Harley Quinn - 3/5
14.) Batman Forever - 1/5
15.) Batman and Robin - 0.5/5
• Although I've watched Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker & the Batman (1966) movie, I didn't include them because it's been so long since I saw them that I can't recall their quality. 
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Part 1 of 2: “Very hard to get, Batman Begins, screen accurate costume gear for SALE! “. DM me for $ or offers. This gear cost well over $800 since the pieces were custom accurate gear.  Contact me for offers. 
This first post shows off two amazing incredibly rare pieces.  The Batman begins tactical harness ( pre cutting off for just his belt) and the neoprene top and bottom used for attaching your chest and leg armor too. 
I don’t know anyone else who has this tactical harness. I bought this one of a kind piece from a fellow batman costumer who only had made this one. **As a bonus I am including the ski mask Bruce also wears in that scene, before he has his mask. 
This neoprene suit was a very limited expensive prop run, made exactly how it was done for the film, so the armor pieces blended into the suit perfectly.  For comparison I put my Dark Knight cowl in a shot to show you how similar urethane rubber looks on the neoprene. The neoprene has wrinkles only because it has been folded up jn a box for a while. If left out for a while they will go away. 
In the next post I will show you the other included bonus pieces, the Grapple Gun, custom screen accurate neoprene gloves, and as a bonus again 2 amazing Batman / the dark knight books.  Check the next post for more photos and info!

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Apparently this is the cast to the recently confirmed Suicide Squad 2. Obviously the 1st one sucked but considering this cast, as well as James Gunn directing. It makes turn out much better, but who knows. Still, the only DC live actions that worked so far is the Batman Trilogy. (Batman Begins, Batman: The Dark Knight, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises) I hope this adds to that short list.
And then I finally understood that you’re not Batman..The dark knight transformed his pain into something good, he faced his fears to be who he is..someone who fights for someone else without healing his wounds first. He’s a mighty knight who fights even in hard times.. But you’re not Batman, you’re just a little Bruce Wayne, hurt, scared and self’re a poor victim who would rather blaim others than to see his own mistakes, and constantly thinking what other people may think. No, you are not Batman. He’s brave and you just hide behind a mask that doesn’t suit you.. But maybe someday, just like Bruce, you’ll find the strength to overcame your issues and the mask and cape will perfectly fit.. Maybe if you fight enought you’ll become Batman.. I don’t know..What I know for sure is that I AM Catwoman and despite you’ve taken one of my lives, I still have six more left.. #catforever
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part1(2012):
.Dark, gritty tone, iconic character designs and imagery, thrilling Batman-style action,social-relevancy and multi-faceted story pieces from Miller's comics
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The Dark Knight turns 80 today!

Any time The Bat is involved with any Sound Design or Mixing projects, the 740 Sound team gets all the feels!

What’s your favorite Batman Video Game/Animation/Film/TV Show/Villain/Sidekick/Comic Book?? #740sound #SoundDesign #Mix #BatManDay #WBGames #DC #Comics #VideoGames #XBOX #PlayStation #Animation 
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Nice poster, is not it?

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