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My Favorite Underground Projects of 2019 (Pt. 15)

10. Diary of The Se7en III
Artist : VON POE VII
Favorite songs : Long Live The Villainous, The Infamy of Prodigy, Larry Simpson (Rude Boy), Radio Man, Lord of The Rings, Know The Ledge, Til Next Time

9. Discernment
Artist : Stu Bangas
Favorite songs : New York Story, Pop Up, Fine Wine, Carbon Fiber, The Gig Is Up, Flood The Block, Get Live

8. The Goddess Paradox
Artists : Indigo Phoenyx, MindFrame
Favorite songs : Gods Of War, Killa Kali, Poseidon Paradox, Mallory Knox, Death of a Phoenyx, Moonlight Melancholy, Sparta Remix

7. Lost Tribe Of Shabazz
Favorite songs : Opening Credits, Lost Tribe Of Shabazz, The Undertaker, Good Orderly Devine, We The Ones, Dead Man On Acid, Jordan 45

6. Where’s My Pyrex?
Artists : Elcamino, Oh Jay
Favorite songs : Back And Forth, Bullets From The Opps, Bottom To Bottom, Crack On Broadway, The Night Shift, Change Spots, Ghetto Symphony, Wash My Sins Away

5. American Made
Artist : Dark Lo
Favorite songs : American Made, The Offer, Push The Button, Blow 5, Milwaukee, Janitor Work, Ripped Apart, Super Sturdy, Free El Chapo, Jogging Easy, Soy, Back in the Day

Artists : Primo JAB, MindFrame

3. D.R.E.A.M.S.
Artist : Bub Rock
Favorite songs : The Prelude, Growing Pains, Black Diamond, LUV, Around The Way, Change The Rules, GLD SPN, All Day, OOH, Different, Sumtimes, RCK CRRA, In Motion, Figure It Out, The Calm, Salutations

2. Hattori Hanzo
Artists : Supreme Cerebral, Rob Viktum
Favorite songs : Street Science, Survival, Just Another Day, The Blocks Eyes, Misconception, Lost Boys, Code Of Ethics

1. RocAmeriKKKa
Artists : Eto, Flee Lord
Favorite songs : Don’t Get Lined Up, Roc Connectin’, Felon Paper, 44 Long, Mob Ties, Out The Mud, V Music, Past The Curb

HM : The Time Stone, Moving Parts, I Am
Wanted to share a tiny tiny bit of my new book: 
I think I have been a true creep from a young age. While all the other kids in my grade school were reading A Wrinkle in Time and all the other girls in my middle school were really excited to buy their first bras, I was reading murder bios of kids who killed their parents and throwing my white training bra away in the 6th grade girls bathroom garbage can. I collected dirty, used stuffed animals from strangers garage sales and had a running subscription to Horse Illustrated. I didn’t fit in, which essentially made me just another human being on this earth looking for a tribe. I wasn’t girly enough for the other girls and I wasn’t boyish enough for the other boys, so I was left sitting in a grey area, a condescending fork in the road. I hated sports but I also hated dolls, I never owned a Barbie and I wasn’t good at running. I was tough but also liked sequins. When I was in elementary school I ended up becoming best friends with a grey area girl and a grey area boy, Billy and Colleen. Billy was weird and hilarious and wore cowboy boots to school everyday. He was good at BMX biking and frog catching and we used to play board games at his house all the time. Colleen was strong, funny good at soccer and baseball, she was smart and loved animals as much as I did. They were all the parts of myself that I was self conscious about, the areas inside that were truly me, wrapped up in a confused web that had no ending. It was from the tiniest spider, trying to survive, trying to catch came out when we laughed and ate popcorn together playing nightmare on Saturday nights. It spun its web in the kites we flew and the chalk we used all day to draw our stories on driveways. My spider was grey and the cobwebs traced my spirit, delicate and intricate, weaving its way past boxes, past genders, past colors till it’s safe inside whatever I am supposed to be,idly holding my palm out while Colleen and Billy plucked out the burnt kernels and placed them lovely in my hand..saving me..just by knowing me, letting me eat my favorite part of the popcorn while giggling together somewhere lost in the 90s.
[posting this here]⁣
Let's use this as a more formal introduction to Eiríkr Helgisson, hunter and blacksmith. ⁣⁣Really Ace, too. ⁣⁣⁣
When he's not out hunting, he's usually seen joking around in the settlement. He's a cheerful man that loves celebrating life and every little, insignificant achievement. ⁣⁣⁣
⁣⁣He's awfully brave, a dad friend and a huge, mischievous bitch. ⁣⁣⁣
Do not let this fool you; Eiríkr might appear to be just a loud, rowdy man, but his mind is always active.⁣⁣⁣
Eiríkr questions his environment all the time. He's always seeking answers. This skepticism is partly why he's quite ahead of his time. ⁣⁣⁣
He's deeply interested in medicine and will always study the carcasses of the animals he hunts, for as long as the other members of the settlement let him. They're very annoyed by this habit of him, they just wanna eat, man. ⁣⁣⁣
Several episodes of illness and reflection made him lose all faith in their gods. He holds a grudge against the tribe's pagan ways and extremely dislikes sorcerers. ⁣⁣⁣
It would seem as if this were the only cause for his hatred towards Andvéttr, but the issue runs deeper. He's the only person in the settlement Eiríkr can't stand. (For now). ⁣⁣⁣
He shares symbolism with the nordic god Tyr. You know, the One Hand God. Eiríkr has two. ⁣⁣⁣
⁣⁣Go figure. (Literally)⁣⁣⁣
( Eiríkr is told to take Andvéttr with him on an exploring party, much to his dispair. Andvéttr is the settlement's official ritual master, so he shall 'bless' whatever new lands they find. ⁣⁣
⁣The boys get lost in a snowstorm and stumble upon a Haugr (old norse-icelandic for mound) This time, it appears to have a burial chamber inside. Andvéttr refuses to go, but Eiríkr, of course, has no trouble trespassing. ⁣) #art #artoftheday #instaart #instaartist #myoc #oc #originalchar⁣acter #eiríkrhelgisson #originalstory #norse #artistsoninstagram #digitalart #digitalartwork #digitalartist #draw #drawing #characterdesign #dailyart
///Everyone has a story 💙💙💙
At AFL this morning and I saw this woman with a very gorgeous dog 🐶 so we started chatting, still undecided on a breed 🤔🤣
I am a firm believer the universe attracts people into your life for a reason. 🙏 What an inspiring woman Sophie is. The founder of runningforprems a charity doing amazing things raising awareness and funds for the Royal Hospital for Women’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where she and a tribe of people have raised more than $3 million. .
What a beautiful legacy for Sophie  who devastatingly lost her 3 boys born at 24 weeks. 💙💙💙
Women on a mission, driven with a massive purpose, to make a difference and find a cure. .
🤔When you find something that enables you to give have a greater purpose...beyond self.....I guarantee life will be far more fulfilling, rewarding, loving, and happy.
#running #purpose #premmiebabies #C2S #inspired #charities #FightMND #womenwithpurpose #runners #raisingmoney #findacure #AFL #labradoodle #lightandlove #TGS
Nice poster, is not it?

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