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Your favourite party? Best club? Favourite DJ set? Always impossible questions to answer or narrow down to a single event but this one comes close for me. I’ve just found some old posters which, apart from making me feel very old, reminded me that this morning/day/night took place seventeen years ago today, on a Sunday back in 2002. I loved We Love Sundays at spaceibiza, dancing outside on the Terrace all day then heading inside to the Discoteca afterwards. It was the most fun way to lose a few hours (and brain cells), forget about the outside world and party with the best crowd, DJ’s and music you’d find anywhere in the world.
This closing party was just immense and brings back amazing memories. There was such an energy in the club, everyone happy, the sun shining, with best mates, planes flying overhead, vodka limon’s flowing (and bank balance emptying) and the best music soundtracking it all. Some of the big tunes from that summer were layoandbushwacka - Love Story, underworld - Two Months Off, Shakedown - At Night, cassius - Sound Of Violence, Josh One - Contemplation, Cosmos - Take Me With You, Chicken Lips - He Not In, Gus Gus - David, Ian Pooley & Magik J - Piha and Metro Area - Miura.
What I remember most vividly was the crazy atmosphere on the Terrace; djdavidmorales playing an amazing set in the afternoon sunshine followed by an incredible final six hours with tune after tune and lots of smiles. djstevelawler playing Bassheads - Is There Anybody Out There and laurent_garnier finishing his set with The Man With The Red Face; proper goosebump moments. It was better back then, on the Terrace, when it was Space, blah blah blah blah...
That’s enough from me, I’ll stop reminiscing now and get myself back into 2019!
Have a happy (We Love) Sunday 😎
#ibiza #space #welove #welovesundays #djs #housemusic #electronicmusic #sundays #sundayservice #laurentgarnier #stevelawler #kingofspace #layoandbushwacka #tyrant #defmix #frankieknuckles #davidmorales #closingparty #sunshine #smiles #reminisce #memories
WOW! Kim Seokjin, i love you. You’re always on my mind. How sweet and loving you are. No matter what happens you’ll always have a special place in my heart. You’re such a gorgeous man and I don’t even mean looks. Yeah you’re handsome the whole world knows that! But your heart and soul is so precious. When you smile the whole world lights up and if there is one thing I learned from you is to be confident in myself! To love myself no matter what! You practice what you preach and that what makes me love you so much! You know your worth and you don’t let no one ruin your shine! You deserve so much more than you receive. You deserve the world and everything in between!! Everything about you makes my heart flutter, you’re a diamond in the rough! I wish you could know how much we love you! I wish you could know the amount of love we have for you the amount of care and concern we have for you! I love you to the ends of the earths and I wish I could be the shoulder you lean on when you feel at your lowest but I will be spiritually!!! Thank you for always being the positive man that you are, and filling my life with love and happiness! You’re a beautiful man! And God continues to bless you!!!
🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽*September Revolution Day is a public holiday in Yemen observed on September 26th each year.

The holiday commemorates the overthrow of the Imam Muhammad al-Badr on this day in 1962, which led to the creation of the Yemen Arab Republic

Lets make dua for our Yemeni brothers and sisters that are still going through the worst Oppression,Famine and war right now  and hope for new years full of Freedom and prosperity .. *Yemeni National anthem*
Repeat, O World, my song.
Echo it over and over again.
Remember, through my joy, each martyr.
Clothe him with the shining mantles of our festivals.
Repeat, O World, my song.
My unity, Oh marvelous song which fills my heart,
You are the promise of all to come,
My banner, Oh cloth nailed from every sun
Raised forever, on every peak
My nation, give me strength, Oh source of strength
And save me for you, the best of nations.
In faith and love I am part of mankind,
And I shall march first among the Arabs.
And my heart beat shall remain that of a Yemenite.
No foreigner shall ever hold dominion over Yemen.

رددي أيتها الدنيا نشيدي
ردديه وأعيدي وأعيدي
واذكري في فرحتي كل شهيد
وأمنحيه حللاً من ضوء عيدي 
رددي أيتها الدنيا نشيدي
ردديه وأعيدي وأعيدي 
وحدتي..وحدتي..يانشيداً رائعاً يملاُ نفسي
أنت عهد عالق في كل ذمة 
رايتي.. رايتي..يانسيجاً حكته من كل شمس
أخلدي خافقة في كل قمة 
أمتي.. أمتي.. امنحيني البأس يامصدر بأسي
وأذخريني لك يا أكرم أمة 
عشت إيماني وحبي أمميا
ومسيري فوق دربي عربيا
وسيبقى نبض قلبي يمنيا
لن ترى الدنيا على أرضي وصيا
#freeyemen #yemenrevolution
Message from the Most High: 10/14/2019
You are in a new beginning, where you are coming out of a sense of being tested and feeling overwhelmed by the trials that you have faced to now look at the test as a piece of the puzzle to place in your overall picture of awareness of who you truly are. You are starting to see how your emotions and actions have helped you to get into the current place you are in. The place of seeing every lesson in every experience that was once labeled negatively. You are seeing that life is greatly impacted by your emotions and your spirited action. You are in state of gaining knowledge of self that is more authentic and no longer is determined upon what the outside world believes is best for you. You are also in a state of realizing how much being your own person has brought about people who need to see you shine your light in the most individualistic ways. You are listening more to the small voice, which encourages you to make the choice to see things from a brighter more elevated point of view and that is allowing that small voice to get louder and be a source of support that you never realized was there until this time. You are being asked to be a student of yourself and to see what things causes you to lose power that you can use to help manifest the new beginning that you are consciously aware of in this time. Getting to know yourself is providing you with so much power in this time, continue to stay focused on the beautiful knowledge of self which you are awakening to. 
The Song for Today: Ooh Child (Things are Gonna Get Easier) Five StairSteps 
My spiritual gifts of intuition and empathy allows me to bring forth information within individuals that they may not have spoken with anyone about, but the Most High. I provide them with a space to acknowledge the information so that they can begin to work through it. This is apart of my service here on Earth, I pray that you have been blessed through the message. 
Rev. Metaphysical Raven
#shadowwork #energyworker #spiritualworker #inurknow 
#atxtarot #atxoracle #spiritspeakstothosewholisten #newbeginnings #spiritualawakenings
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