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Vegeta Dragon Ball Super 5K | ...
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Gogeta (Dragon Ball Super: Broly) The Fusion Dance form of Son Goku (Kakarotto) and Vegeta. What do you get when you fuse two of the strongest Saiyajin warriors to one Super Saiyajin warrior that is awesome and amazing. Plus i always thought the fusion forms are very awesome and the Fusion Dance attire reminds me of Arabian attire, like something of the Arabian nights from Aladdin like a Genie.

The Movie of Super Broly was amazing one of the best animated movies i have seen of recent times, i was very surprised of Gogeta's inclusion in the film which makes it that now Gogeta is canon to the Dragon Ball Main series now!!!!!! Also not only that but Gogeta is now a DLC character for Dragon Ball Fighters Z which is even more awesome as now i can recreate the battles of Dragon Ball Z Movie 12 with Janeaba and Super Broly with Broly when he comes out on Fighters Z. I have the game on Steam!!!!!!! Another thing Dragon Ball Super Broly is my first Dragon Ball film i got to see in theaters so how exciting is that huh!!!!!! More works are coming, so please stay tuned, and please forgive me of the delays, i am excited of Gogeta being in Fighters Z!!!!!!!! #Gogeta #DragonBall #dragonballsuper #dragonballsuperbroly #songoku #Vegeta #goku #toeianimation #Funimation #dragonballfighterz #fanart #arts #sketch
Dragon Ball Super : Broly
Les chroniques de Cinesim n°22

Résumé : Goku et Vegeta font face à un nouvel ennemi, le Super Saïyen Légendaire Broly, dans un combat explosif pour sauver notre planète.(Source allociné)

Critique : Aujourd'hui nous allons ensemble parlé du super Manga ''Dragon Ball'' de Akira Toriyama (qui est mon manga préfère pour rappel) ce manga le fait vivre des choses incroyable !!!!
Alors un film avec Broly qui est l'un des méchants les plus aimé de l'univers de Dragon ball !
Alors le film il est bien ou pas ?
Alors oui il est vraiment super coooool !! Super design et super doublage de personnes (j'ai vue le film en Vo) par contre malheureusement il y a trop de baston et pas assez de développement de personnage ! 
C'est assez dommage car les personnages sont vraiment sympathique comme Broly par exemple 👌
Voilà 😊🖖 «Kakarotto»
Goku, Vegeta, and Gogeta!!
I had SO much fun drawing this!! My brain had trouble processing some parts of this, but I’m really happy on how it turned out!
I hope you like it!!
Anime/Manga: Dragon Ball; Dragon Ball Z; Dragon Ball Super
Characters- Son Goku; Vegeta; Gogeta
Some references used for characters
#dragonball #dragonballz #dragonballsuper #dbz #dbs #dbsbroly #broly #frieza #goku #songoku #vegeta #gogeta #bulma #gohan #piccolo #art #dbzart #drawing #sketch #anime #manga #animeart #saiyan #supersaiyan
Can it happen again? NEW VIDEO ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL RIGHT NOW!! WATCH IT HERE - UnrealEntGaming - The next arc following the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc in the Dragon Ball Super Manga promises a very fan service filled story following Goku Vs Moro / Vegeta Vs Moro but what could this next arc possibly be? Is it possible to have Broly come back as either a ally or enemy again? Is it possible for us to see Goku Vs Broly again in DBS? With the rumor of Dragon Ball Super returning in 2019, we discuss the concept of Broly and how he could return in DragonBall Super! Be sure to check out more Dragon Ball related content on my YouTube channel UnrealEntGaming for more in-depth breakdowns, discussions, battles, news, reviews, gameplays and more! Subscribe if you haven’t and join us for the ride here @
#DragonBallSuper #DragonBallZ #DragonBallGT #DBZ #DBS #DragonBall #Goku #Vegeta #Gohan #Beerus #Whis #Vegito #Gogeta #Frieza #Anime #Manga #Saiyan #DBSuper #Cosplay #SuperSaiyan #Kakarot #SonGoku #Otaku #Trunks #Goten #Broly #SSJ #Jiren #Zamasu #UltraInstinct

Today I had the pleasure of meeting christophersabat who took some fun photos and solas21 who was kind enough to give me a free poster, signed by him, Sabat and other voice actors for an upcoming show! For those of you who don’t know, Schemmel voices Goku and Sabat voices Vegeta in the English dubs on Dragon Ball. Their voices were apart of my childhood when I first explored the show and carry with me to today as I have been watching Dragon Ball Super and most recently Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Dragon Ball is the show that ignited the flame inside me to become a better artist. For that it will always be one of the most significant fandoms that I am apart of.

#nycc #comiccon #seanschemmel #cristophersabat #goku #vegeta #gogeta #vegeto #vegerot #dragonball #dbz #dragonballsuper #broly #spiderman #cosplay #tomholland
Nice poster, is not it?

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