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Water Flowing From Tap
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Fresh water is drawn from one of the storage tanks by one of the fresh water pump and the water flows into different systems like: drinking water, accommodation and deck services, domestic water system and engine room services.
Drinking water system covers the water supply to drinking fountains and accommodation use in cabins and galley. 
Domestic hot water system supplies the hot water to the accommodation for domestic purposes. Water is circulating continuously by a hot water circulating pump being passed through a calorifier which can be either steam or electrically heated to raise the water to the correct temperature. The arrangement ensures that hot water is readily available when a tap is open, thus reducing water loss due to cold water flowing before hot water reaches the outlet.
Engine room system supplies water to different areas, systems and equipments like: central cooling fresh water system, purifiers, ME and A.E. turbochargers water washing, Oily water separator, Boilers water washing system etc.
Boiler feed water make-up is taken, on some vessels, from distilled water tank and added to the cascade/filter tank.
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Right. “How to have a shower when it’s raining in Kenya”, as in, when it’s not sunny, i.e. when the solar water heater stays cold. 1. Examine all taps/gate valves in to and out of solar heater and kuni booster (“firewood” booster, similar to Heath Robinson rocket launcher 🚀 as shown) and in to house. 2. Follow instructions and still get cold water. 3. Turn all gate valves off and all on again in series. 4. Forget series of on/off and just try any old order. Cold. 5. WhatsApp George the genius solar plumber. 6. Call him. Have encouraging conversation. Get cut off. 7. Get really annoyed feeling all the nice hot water pipes all round the kuni booster. 8. Give up. 😤 9. Hear Land Cruiser pull up at 6.30pm, containing no less than George the Solar Plumber late back from a job miles away, but kindly stopped by on his way home despite leaving at 6am! 10. Pipe wrench open the mystery pipe and hey presto HOT WATER floweth from the house taps!! Yay! 😀11. Fit new non-return valve in the dark to pipe flowing back into the solar tank to prevent all hot water flowing back into 100 litres of cold 🥶 ... #notetoself ... and finally! Enjoy hot shower like never before. #marvellous. Thank you George.
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Happy Equinox!
We visited the lady Malvina in part of our celebration.
 I love this sacred little place and filling up with cold, crystal clear spring water fresh from the earth.
She is often adorned and dressed, garlands to mark the years turn but on this day she was surrounded by flowing skirts of autumnal leaves. 
Balance became a focus as we walked along a favorite path of very old native trees. 
Whereas my poor veggie patch seems to be suffering from lack of sun, the woodland and it's fungi take the strain of the lack of rain. 
We take for granted our existence as it is, lack of rain for us and we turn on a tap. Not so simple for mama earth. Balancing our actions, what we consume (and it's origin) and how we consume it, each move we make having consequences... Light and dark, sun and rain, spring and autumn, needs and wants. 
For me a day to contemplate and consider with a little more tenderness. 
And share a bottle of fresh spring water with our little froggy haven. .
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It’s no news that India is facing the worst water crisis ever. 21 Indian cities including Delhi will run out of groundwater by 2020. Swipe ➡ to see 5 simple ways you can make each drop count: 💧 Showers under 5 minutes save up to 2,000 litres of water per month. We've made a Short Shower Playlist (up on our blog ----> link in bio) so you can hum along while getting clean (consciously). 💧 Avoid washing vegetables and defrosting meat in running water. Instead, soak vegetables in a pot of water and rub them until clean. Thaw meat naturally by keeping it in the fridge overnight or out on a plate until it gets to room temperature. And don’t forget to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. 💧In case of a leak, call the plumber ASAP. On average, 38 litres per day of a household’s water footprint is lost through leaks. Even a minor leak, like 20 drops per minute adds up to waste around 6 litres of water per day. 💧Water outdoor plants in the early morning or at the end of the day to stop the water from immediately evaporating in sunlight and heat. Water the soil so that it goes straight to the roots, where it’s needed. 💧We've all seen water flowing down driveways outside our homes. Wash vehicles using a bucket of water instead of a running hose to control the amount you use.
This piece is titled: Because Bottled Water is Stupid.
“Welcome to Shady, can I get you some still or sparkling water?”
More often than not, if you’re a shrewd customer your ingrained automatic response would be along the lines of ‘just regular tap please.’
For the well understood and simple reasons that a) bottled water is a diabolical scam and b) our planet is on fire.

With the knowledge and resources that we are fortunate enough to have access to in Hong Kong, it makes no logical sense from a sustainability perspective to ship water across the globe encased in single use glass or plastic bottles, then add insult to injury by gouging customers a whopping +$70 for a bottle of fizzy H2O.

That’s a straight up rort.  As a bar, we’d much prefer customers under our roof (and spilling out onto Peel Street) sample our fine wines and stiff drinks, plus guzzle enough water to feel good the next day without feeling like they were hijacked for water.

We want you to feel good the next day and keep coming back.  So our pact is, both still and sparking water at Shady is provided for you free flow and free of charge, all night long.

We operate a hydration filter system which provides chilled still and sparkling water, double filtered with an industry benchmark filter produced by Vestal from Australia.

The filtered water is free from contaminants, odours, pollutants and chilled for taste. CO2 is pumped in if effervescent fine bubbles is your jam.  It’s the water we use in our cocktails, in our cooking and what we guzzle ourselves.  Tasty stuff.

So you can booze up whilst staying amply hydrated and remain hangover-free, without wilfully accelerating the destruction of our planet when there is a tastier, kinder, cheaper alternative right on filtered tap here.

Bottoms up.
(Bonus side story: since shady was opened bootstrap lean and mean we refused to be gouged by plumbers, so we installed the filter ourselves pre-opening.  As you can see, it took days 😅)
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