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Your fitness journey doesn
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What is a fitness coach?
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Imagine you’ve wanted to be healthier, have a certain type of body for years, but have been unsure of how to even start. What works and what doesn’t. When you start, you stop. You feel overwhelmed.
A fitness coach is someone who meets you where you are, simplifies the daunting journey ahead, and then runs beside you.
When you trip up, they pick you up. A fitness coach is an energizing, encouraging influence.
Not only does a great fitness coach have a over arching knowledge of fitness, having been in the trenches themselves for years and years, but not only do they live it, they are able to communicate the path for you in a way that makes sense. They bring brevity to the journey.
A fitness coach is consistent, reliable, focused, creative, a friend and positive force of will when you most need it.
Now imagine you have ran an incredible race, you’re on the mountaintop, having achieved every goal you never thought possible, that for years you thought you’d never accomplish.
A fitness coach is someone who stands beside you and celebrates with you. They’ve taken every step with you. Their purpose is your victory.
So blessed to do what I do each day with so many amazing people!!
If you want more, if you want to become who’ve always wanted to be, isn’t it time?
It’s an older post revisited, because it’s a subject we feel needs constant reinforcement! .
“Don’t let the Perfect be the enemy of the good” .
Are you constantly comparing yourself to all the “model and fitness” pages you are following, That girl you see in the gym every time you are in, (who you think looks amazing, or that family that you always see at the Park when you take the kids, (they always looks so happy) or lastly your friends IG or FB account, their life is so “perfect”, well it’s time to stop! .
Let’s look at each! .
🔸 Fitness chicks on IG with the perfect body, we all know by mastering the selfie that how we take a photo can drastically change how we look, .
👉🏻Photo example, we all know the weights are always a little here there and everywhere!
Some of these girls/guys are amazing, and do look amazing, and work very hard to get where they are, but it’s also alot of lighting, camera angles, leg bending, heel raising, calf tensing, My point is, if seeing them in your news feed everyday is making you that down about yourself, unfollow or delete them!  Ps not us 😂😂😂😂
🔸That girl in the gym you see each week, why are you comparing yourself to her? .
She may have her own issues, she may be unhappy, she may not like the way she looks, she may feel that she isn’t good enough, my point is, do it for you, your journey, not to be like someone else! Admire don’t be jealous! .
🔸That family at the park, maybe be going through just as much hardship as you right now, you know what, probably even more. The most beautiful people we know or admire, are the ones that have known defeat, known suffering, known loss, known struggling, and have found their way out of the depths. .
🔸And lastly, your Friends Feeds, let’s face it, we put up the best parts of our day, we are in a happy place at that time, that’s why we post, we want to remember the good, it doesn’t mean we don’t experience the bad too! Please remember that! .
So set your own goals! Put your head down and smash them out! .
Do it for you, and remember, .
Nice poster, is not it?

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