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Dead Or Alive Kokoro 01 By On Poster #4196475773
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In Dead or Alive 5's story mode, it is revealed that Kokoro and Lisa know each other. When they bump into each other during a wild scramble in the city, Lisa easily recognizes Kokoro. Although Kokoro may know Lisa through Miyako working with her, it is unknown, however, if Kokoro is aware of Lisa's exact occupation.
In turn, Kokoro can easily become friends with everyone. In Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3, she is still easy to befriend and a bit grumpy in the morning like in Xtreme 2. However, she and Marie Rose don't like each other as both of them are bearing 1 musical note to each other.
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Kokoro wears glasses in Dead or Alive 5. It is unknown if she wears prescription glasses or not. Both Helena and Kokoro are connected as sisters through music, performing arts, elegance and fashion sense. As half sisters, they share complementary, sister-style martial arts of pigua quan and baji quan.
—Kokoro in Dead or Alive 5. Kokoro (Japanese: 心) is a young maiko (apprentice geisha), and baji quan martial artist in the Dead or Alive series, who made her official debut in Dead or Alive 4.


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