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Kimberley Garner Knows How To Dress Well News People Poster #702795592
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Kimberley Garner is an English swimwear designer, television personality and socialite best known for her role in the series Made in Chelsea. She was also in The Wright Stuff.
Kimberley Garner Knows How To Dress Date 05/03/2013 - HollywoodTuna I thought I was pretty much all caught up on my hot nobodies, at least until I saw these pictures of Kimberley Garner at a launch event for some product I’ve never heard of either.
In May 2013, Garner launched her first swimwear collection and has gone on to release many collections since.
Photos Kimberley Garner and scoops from the US, the relationship with the others peoples and stars... Archives, Photos, videos and links
She first came to national attention as a regular cast member of the reality show Made in Chelsea, which she joined in March 2012, and left in November.
Last time we saw British no-name hottie Kimberley Garner, she was Tweeting out bikini pictures.And while these shots of her at a British fundraiser aren’t quite as awesome, Kimberley still managed to put on a great leg show for charity.


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