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Yoonji Kim Carnegie Mellon School Of Design Poster #3609867966
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kim yoon ji cmu edu communication visual designer mellon

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Hi! I’m Yoon Young (sometimes referred to as “YY”), a senior at Carnegie Mellon with a double major in Product Design and Human Computer Interaction (HCI). I’m interested in creating joyful interactions. I enjoy the element of storytelling in my work and for fun. I enjoy long walks with my dog and comic strips.
A few weeks ago as part of their Photography class, freshman design students from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design were given a sealed box with a random object and asked to make interesting photographs using it. The project, dubbed “Stuff in a Box,” was assigned by Associate Professor Dylan Vitone. Baby Powder by Grace Li.
During the week after finals (May 8-15, 2020), the Carnegie Mellon University School of Design came together and created "Rapidly Evolving," a response to the lockdown. The Students, Faculty and Staff did what they do best: they made. They made for and with one another.


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