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Girls Meet The World
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I woke up October 6, 2010 feeling different.

Call it mother’s intuition but I knew you were ready to meet the world.

I was worried- you were only 33 weeks and 4 days gestation.

Your birth was traumatic - my uterus burst, your heart rate dropped, I could feel the hands moving around my organs as they pushed and pressed to remove you from body.

You didn’t cry when you met the brightness of the world but my tears of overflowing joy streamed down my face when they shouted behind the white sheet  before rushing you out “it’s a girl”

I had a baby girl. 
A daughter to call mine.

The days in the NICU following your birth were some of the most difficult days as a Mother I have experienced to date.

From not meeting you until almost 12 hours after you were born , from feeding you with a tube through your nose that lead to your belly , from touching your tiny fingers and toes through a small opening in your incubator, to having to leave you at the hospital upon my discharge or racing between the hospital , your brother at home and trying to heal the trauma in my body and mind.

Our journey didn’t start so easy but 
without those days I might not know the strength of our love, our unbreakable bond and how incredibly desperate my soul was for your heart.

The past 9 years have been some of the most magical , challenging and best days of my life because of you.

Your quick wit, sensitive heart, quiet love and determination have fuelled me to never give up , take the moments to catch my thoughts and to be gracious and kind despite the cruel ness of the world.

Although there are days I wish I could keep you small , watching you grow is really the greatest gift of all.

I love you Talia. 
I hope your day is filled with love & laughter baby girl 💖
This was June 2017, our first vacation just the two of us before we brought our baby girl into the world.⁣
We bought our travel package from Costco with our tax return. When we were on vacation we couldn't afford anything extra. We had to buy groceries and eat from our hotel room. Although it was an amazing time together, it sucked having to worry so much about finances.⁣
I didn't join Network Marketing for the free vacations. In fact, before I was so negative thinking, "I could never earn that."⁣
Yet next month me and this guy are going to Cancun completely paid for. Airfare and hotel. All inclusive. It will be my first earned vacation with monatofficial.⁣
All because I decided to show up and work hard. That's what it takes. So if maybe the money isn't what is pulling you in or maybe you could careless to meet new friends. Wouldn't it be nice to travel? For free? 😜
Nice poster, is not it?

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