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Anime Girl Big Gun
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1998s Angel Princess of Death! 
Kim Ella

1998 September 23rd, 21 years of age !
Korean ! 
Multilingual queen ! 
5’3” and mighty !
Not mortal !
The infamous Grim Reaper !
Switch with big sub lean, Bisexual, Kinky, not Interested! 
Bad an boujee, she wasn’t born rich !
Not actually royalty but wants to be !
Lives in a castle ! 
Wears a crown when she feels like it ! 
Tattoos everywhere 
Maybe a criminal, but shhh. 
Basically a baby with a scythe 
Won’t stand to be taken advantage of, learn your place !
Only shows her true self to people she trust !
When her walls are put down she is a sweet girl. Hence baby with a gun !
Little and age regressor !
Guns and stuffed animals within the same 5 inch radius ! 
Club Owner! 
Either soft for you or will beat your ass !
The definition of duality !
Can be very scary if need be ! 
Honestly.. Just a big softy with a hard shell !
A very big happy subby baby in little space! 
Annoying when she misses you !
Blunt when she’s pissed at you !
Wears luxury fashion outside and thigh highs and sweaters inside !
Can and will break a bitch !
Likes to collect weapons, and is good with them ! 
Don’t get on her bad side !
Has her opinion and ain’t afraid to speak it !
Will call you out on your shit !
Can’t sound angry cuz her voice is to high pitched !
Don’t under estimate her power she can and WILL hurt you !
Wow 1000 followers  this girl is stunning pastel  special  het Russo 🔥🐍🔥🐍 just want to say a big Thankyou for all of you that’s following me and Support me living the dream 👍👊🙏 #awesome #beautiful #livingthedream #selective #breeding #breedingballpythons #excited #YouTube #ballpython #ballpythonmorph #ballpythonsofinstagram #royalpythons #royalpython #marvel #reptilesofinstagram #reptiles #snakesofinstagram #snakes #snakebites #pets  #petstagram #hobby #gymlife #guns #animals #instagram
Confession time:  I’ve been hoarding another dog in our extra bedroom for over a week.

Happy #nationaldogday to Connie who was hours away from being euthanized when I made a reckless, manic decision to run out of work and take in a pneumonia-ridden dog from Chicago Animal Control. I couldn’t not, because when I saw the post of her, she reminded me of Georgia: sick as hell, malnourished, but still wagging her tail because despite being abandoned, she still had so much love to give. I knew Georgia would support me taking the risk (and my loving husband of course 😏). 10 days later and she’s made huge strides. Seeing the life come back into this goofy girl has been beautiful. More often than not I find myself wishing i could do more to feel like I’m actually making a positive impact on big picture issues I care about (global warming, gun violence, the general state of our country etc) but being able to save a life last week, despite being small in the scope of the world problems... felt pretty damn amazing. Thanks to dogsaredeservingrescue for taking the chance on her. #foster
Nice poster, is not it?

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