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Inquisitor Adaar Fanart
cute koala
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Guess what game I got?

Really, really liking the game so far, I've already sunked in nearly 40 hours and I still haven't even gotten to the main baddie yet.
Sadly, the in-game model of the Qunari females do not reflect their insanely beautiful artwork, so I decided that this is what she looks like underneath those auntie buns. The armor is non-canon, since I haven't actually gotten to the late game to get some better gear for myself, and there being a serious lack of references for Qunari late game armor, I decided to mash a few concepts I've seen online and do my own thing. Turned out a lot more like medium armor than heavy, but eh

Its been too long since I posted anything up, so hope you guys enjoy this! 
Adaar and The Spymasters Birds by SketchGlee on DeviantArt
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