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Bilbo And Thorin Hug
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Up until this moment in the film, Thorin has been rather suspect of Bilbo… whether he is really up for the challenge as burglar! So I was surprised to see Thorin give Bilbo a hug at the end of the latest commercial. I think I have the answer however… one of the clips near the end of TV Spot 7 shows Bilbo standing over the unconscious form of Thorin… attacking with his sword and unseen enemy. I think Bilbo saves Thorin’s life and he is rewarded with a big dwarvish bear hug! I think this will help build the tension when in film three the Arkenstone comes between them!


Source: Youtube TV Spots
Thorin and Bilbo by =brilcrist on deviantART | Fangirl | Pinterest | Friendship, Beautiful and ...
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