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I want to raise a little bit of awareness with this post-why? 
Well let’s say I had a gaited competition (paso fino) which I was participating in with Dakota yesterday evening. Now I don’t ride with a club nor do I have a trainer so when I stand in the “prepista” with Dakota alone, this can raise a big question mark. Let’s clarify my friends, parents, Dakota and I are the club and I am my own trainer. But it also means the moment “something” happens or Dakota doesn’t want to walk forward I don’t need 5 different guys at different times to come and crowd us and act like they know exactly what to do with a horse they have never Handled.
First of all thank you for wanting to help.
Second of all when I or anybody says “no mishi ku’ne”(don’t touch him) take it seriously, don’t try to play hero cause at the end your causing the disaster.
Third of all for everybody who competes or rides around other people/horses stay firm in what your decision cause last night I wasn’t  firm enough, which led to what you see in the video. This wasn’t the first time in less than 10 minutes, but you can only hold on for so long🙈😂
To the jury who clearly saw what led to the other and still wanted to eliminate me because I had 3 strikes, props to you for trying but I don’t give up so fast especially if it’s about my horse. 
I would have loved to post this as a #failfriday but I think that now would have been better.
And a BIG thank you for the Aspafiko team and of course our jury of the night for not only letting me finish my course afterwards but also trusting me to not fall off again😁🙈
Congratulations to everyone who placed!!🍀🔥💛
Here’s to all the girls who were raised in a barn.

The girls who learned the beauty of a sunrise because they had to get up early to feed the horses.

The girls who understand the calm serenity of the sound of horses munching hay in the stillness of a cool morning.

The girls who can shovel poop like nobody’s business.

The girls who treat 1200-pound animals like their own personal puppy dogs.

The girls who consider every barn cat, dog and even some squirrels to be a part of their barn family and every single one has a lovingly bestowed name.

The girls who spend their summers in jeans, T-shirts and boots.

The girls who have the whitest legs around and pretty mean farmers tans.

The girls who spend their days covered in sweat, poop, dirt, hair, hay and love every minute of it.

The girls who go from cleaning out a water tub to eating a sandwich without washing their hands and don’t even think twice.

The girls who share their food with their horses just because they give you the big, brown, begging eyes.

The girls who can make just about anything out of bailing twine and duck tape.

The girls who can drive a tractor, back a trailer and work a Bobcat as good as any guy.

The girls who love the mixed smell of fly spray, fresh hay and sweaty horses because that is the perfume of our summer.

The girls who go days on end without a stitch of makeup because our horses love us no matter how much mascara we have on and sometimes makeup is just too much work.

The girls who skip pool parties and summer barbecues because of horse shows and barn chores and have no complaints about their choices.

The girls who have spent hours in a hay loft stacking 75-pound bales of hay in 90-degree heat because horses have to eat.

The girls who wear their dirty cowboy boots and Cruel Girl jeans everywhere because they just don’t care what people think.

The girls who have taken their horse swimming when the days just get too hot.

The girls who may have eaten dirt, horse grain and hay as children but turned out OK anyway.

The girls who spend the night in the barn when their beloved horse is sick or expecting a baby.

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In September I read two powerful, devastating novels this month (Indian Horse by Richard Wagmese & The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead), one decent novel (Pages for Her by Sylvia Browning) and one I wouldn't recommend. If you're on BG, you'll have seen excellent reviews of Indian Horse and The Nickel Boys elsewhere; I'll just share a few thoughts. A couple of things they have in common. Both explore the horror of white supremacy and/or colonialism in terms of their ruthless methods of attack on children, not as an accidental byproduct, but as a clearly delineated approach to diminish and restrict the lives of indigenous peoples and Black people. Both focus on the particularly terrifying, inhumane institutions to which children were sent under the direction and control of the state and/or church. Both are exceptionally well written, which is vital for such weighty subject matter and to honour the retelling of stories which were buried for so long. Children so cruelly mistreated, communities and families busted apart with violence and injustice deserve to have their stories told by expert writers: Wagamese and Whitehead are such. For full reviews of both, start with Jessie, blackgirlreading, whose buddy read I was part of which caused me to read those books back to back and introduced me to Wagamese in the first place.▫️▫️▫️▫️Pages For Her winked at me a few years ago in the LRB bookshop and it came back to me as I sought a more easy-going read to balance the pain of those two. I needed something I could read in bed at night which I quickly found wasn't the case for Indian Horse or The Nickel Boys, it was just too much. I quite liked Pages for Her, I quite liked the characters and it didn't make my heart ache. The writing was a little, trying to hard? Certainly contrasted with the very different but faultless styles of Wagamese and Whitehead. Some of the writing was pretty good but at times I felt the writing style was visible, stood out from the story somehow, which I didn't feel in either of those other novels.▫️▫️▫️▫️Why only four books last month? Top Boy on Netflix and a gripping 8 part podcast series, Murdered & Missing...
The last couples weekends backpacking and a little summer shred on timp was a a lot of fun but mostly because of a free.99  learning experience and making the right call in the mountains with my good friend to decide not to summit two weeks ago with mac.morg . It was a bit windy according to people on a the trail that were at the saddle and a few who made the summit and with snowboards on the back your like a sail in the wind and with some low visibility ushering in and out, we didn't pack enough fuel to boil water at camp the night before so we decided the patch we passed on the way down would be consolation shred then we got to help a gentlemen packing firewood and watermelon to emerald lake for his sister on his horse and three pack horses tied behind him he need a hand walking the four horses across the snow patch that crosses paths with the trail probably old Avalanche debris 😮 thankful that my body is capable of this #greatful #stoked #getstoked #snowboarding #turnsallyear #timpanogos #snow #powtah #keepitsplit #getlit #takeahike #backpacking #sufferfest #boughtawaterfilter #msr #miniworksex #thankyousnowgodsforthesepreviousbounties #madpowdisease #douevenshred #powtown
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