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Summarizing my very busy last thirty days and announcing more interesting news.

Image 1: Untitled [Fireworks From My Window] 2017, from my book '17 (Apostrophe Seventeen). Image 2: My third photography book '17, designed by marijijn and myself includes texts from Zoe Darsee katypablo_ and Claire Cichy. The project is supported by kornfeldgalerie and is available in my online shop (link in bio). Special thanks to lk11111 
Image 3: Installation view at 68projects on the official launch and exhibition of '17.
Image 4: Me at the end of our book launch event (thanks to trophysophiie for seventeen red roses).
Image 5: Untitled [Lights Wardrobe Tresor] 2019. Shot during berlinatonal, commissioned by electronicbeats see the full article on The Electronic Beats’ website.
Images 6 and 7: Holding a 272 page catalogue of our C/O Berlin exhibition No Photos On The Dance Floor curated by heikoxhoffmann felix_hoffmann_berlin and published by prestel.verlag
Image 8: Installation view of my photographs at coberlin exhibition which runs ‪till November the 30th.‬ Photo courtesy of David von Becker davidvonbecker 
Image 9: Artist talk on '17, slideshow and book signing at theworkshoponforster Special thanks to marylilithfischer 
Photo by elchanyungco 
Image 10: Upcoming show in Hyderabad, India, curated by myriam_grigalashvili
I'm representing Georgian photography at indianphotofest along with some of my favourite Georgian photographers.

Up Next: London! Showing at Boiler Room Festival, ‪9-12 October‬. boilerroomtv

Back to Berlin in November with another group show about Georgia. More details soon.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in these events by showing up, giving me support, encouragement and love.



P.S. We are still in search of an apartment in Berlin, any help will be much appreciated.
The shop has been lightly updated including two different types of butterfly curio necklaces!!
The apothecary vial contains a perfectly secure rose bud and butterfly wing. Perfectly adhered to the bottom of the vial you will find inside it's contents are safe from movement. An elegant and bare brass apothecary label adorns this vial giving it a whimsical Victorian aesthetic. This necklace comes hung on a simple brass chain that is not pictured here.
Butterflies can often symbolize rebirth, transcendence, transformation and change. The name butterfly comes from a translation of the greek word for psyche meaning soul. It is common in mythology for butterflies and the soul to be linked as one because of this. The reference to the soul also makes it common for the butterfly to represent dreams and dreamland.
Roses are traditionally used for more than just love; they are also used protection and divination. In the Victorian language of flowers red roses symbolize secret messages. In Greek mythology Aphrodite was born and the seafoam dripping off of her turned into white roses in image of her purity.
All insects used in my artwork are items I found as they are in nature/city life. No animals, insects, nor arachnids were harmed by me. This particular butterfly was found by my inside of my workplace. Unfortunately; this butterfly did not die a natural death. This butterfly was found victim of another employee spraying bug-killer inside the building. I mourn the loss of this butterfly and all his insect friends. Thank you for reading!
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