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Fountain - Cave
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Caves of San Benedetto

Those few who read what I write will have noticed my approach to nature, apparently visceral: for decades, the time of the human being has been fragmented into many small contexts; finished a goal, we pass to the other and time doesn't advances to look even simply back. 
The search for well-being, within a social system, has perhaps become the number one goal. First of all, understanding what exactly wellness is it's not a small matter; secondly, it's also a good question the why to ask it to themselves. It should be an answer already inherent in us.

Well, I can see that answer in this: I know the sensations I have in looking at a moor, a forest or simply the horizon. I know it well, 'cause it's the same one I felt as a child and it never changed.

Here you can get a taste, tiny but essential, of what happened that day at the Caves of San Benedetto.
I can only advise you to go.
Grotte di San Benedetto

Quei pochi che leggono quanto scrivo, avranno notato il mio approccio con la natura, all'apparenza viscerale: il tempo dell'essere umano è, da decenni, frammentato in tanti piccoli contesti; concluso un traguardo, si passa all'altro e poco avanza per guardarsi anche semplicemente indietro.

La ricerca del benessere all'interno di un sistema sociale è il traguardo numero uno. Innanzitutto, capire cosa sia esattamente il benessere non è una questione da poco; in secondo luogo, lo è anche chiedersi perché domandarselo. Dovrebbe essere una risposta già insita in noi.

Ebbene, quella risposta la rivedo in questo: conosco le sensazioni che ho nel guardare una landa, un bosco o semplicemente l'orizzonte. Lo so bene, perché è la stessa che provavo da piccolo e non è mai cambiata.

Qui potete avere un assaggio, minuscolo ma essenziale, di quanto accaduto quel dì presso le Grotte di San Benedetto. 
Non posso che consigliarvi di andare.
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[Those three people]
>  We went to the cave. it was early morning. Moon was the only light and the shadows widespread on mountain. There was just silence and owr walking sounds danced in wind. The cave was so huge and so majestic. Inside it the black was king and everything was dead even sound. We were in dark mountain's heart. Some water fountains were just the only signs of life. we climb till end of the cave. We sat there and after a cigarette, i played that song:
The world flashing past
So many of us moving so fast
I feel my heart slow
As we wonder I don't bow down
Nothing left undecided
Upon steel on steel
Through these cuts in the Earth
No question who was here first
Many dreams many lifetimes
Any of which could be me
Ecxept that I'm the one unable to move upon this machine
Upon this machine
We climbed back the cave in darkness again. But the first shadows of sun hoped us.

Iran, Roodafshan
#photography #iran #cave #darkness #night #shadows #sun #roodafshan #morning #panic #fear #song #climb #hope #shine #friends #thosethreeguys #nationalgeographic #national
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