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Eddsworld Matt And Edd
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 (Edd's p.o.v.)
 I was sitting on the couch, today had been rather quiet to be honest, Tom and Tord hadn't argued much today, neither have Tori or Tamara, Matilda and Ell I think were out shopping so yeah today was good. Though I hadn't seen Matt today, I wondered if he was still in his room but then again I think I saw him go with Ell and Matilda, I'm not sure. I took a swig of my cola as I heard the front door open, I glanced over and saw Matilda with Ell, then came Matt, he seemed a bit flustered though, I tilted my head as I saw him rush upstairs. "Hey, Matilda?" She tall ginger girl glanced at me "yeah, Edd?" She questioned, "why's Matt acting all... funny?" I asked, she genuinely thought for a moment and shrugged "I dunno, he wasn't like that before." I made a puzzled face. Her and Ell walked upstairs as I thought about Matt and the way he was acting 'maybe I should go check on him..' I got up and walked upstairs, I gave a soft knock to Matt's door and opened it "Matt, is everything alri-" I paused at what I saw. Matt was... wearing a skirt... and some stockings.. he wh...
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