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Illest Logo 6
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An assortment of random photos from Qingdao, China and a Korean Hot Pot Thot Shot 🍑🍲
1. A small street in China decorated with lanterns and flags, likely meant to appease tourists for their photo opps (update: it worked).
2. Hai Di Lao - world renowned restaurant where you are able to eat, drink and get your nails done (for free).
3. A Chinese opera performer at the restaurant. The mask he wore changed over 10 times through willpower and whiplash.
4. Adorable jumpsuit by wraynyc, adorable balloon by Mix City mall kiosk. 
5. Sea dong for sale on the street by the seashore (for real tho - Qingdao borders the Yellow Sea).
6. If you have a good outfit and you don't document it for the gram, did you even wear it at all?
7. A pavilion at the top of XiaoYuShan Park (Little Fish Hill) which overlooks the medium-sized city of Qingdao (close to 9 million, medium by Chinese standards).
8. Aforementioned #KHPTS 
9. Bukchon Hanok Village in Korea. The juxtaposition of this traditional town and the extremely modern architecture of present day Seoul is amazing. 
10. People in Seoul have the illest style. An affinity for streetwear and a lack of supply makes the city one of the largest manufactures of counterfeit goods (every Supreme holy grail box logo sweatshirt in existence, Rick Owens, Raf, Off-white and more).
India to Buffalo. The GOAT whoisconway

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Nice poster, is not it?

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