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Prey 2 Concept Art
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No one cares about Prey. It was a flop that never even became a cult classic.
This isn't like Syndicate, where they're taking a beloved franchise and remaking it into something totally different. The original Prey was an OK-to-decent, linear first person shooter with some neat ideas like playing with gravity and portals.
The new one seems to follow that idea, being a first person shooter with neat ideas like shapeshifting into inanimate objects. The people in this thread that seem to have it out for the new one are mad about a game that never even existed, the cancelled Prey 2, which looked even less like the original than the new one does, being an open-world, alien bounty-hunting, parkour game.
People seem to be forgetting that Arkane is making the new one. These guys made Dishonored. They know how to make a good game. Yeah, it's not really Prey, but who cares? Neither was the game everyone's mad about losing. It's a cool sounding name, can't blame Bethesda for wanting to use it.
I think the haters will disappear as we see and hear more about this game.
Aldnoah Zero HD by D-GodKnows on DeviantArt
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