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Best Friend Comics
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In an age of social media friends, only the B-est of Fs can stand tall IRL to claim the title of "best friend," y'know?
A true best friend is not only text-able, but also *gasp* potentially call-able (and callable!). Like, say your car breaks down at 3 a.m. and you need a ride. Who are you going to have come help you? Your insurance agent? Pshaw. Patti Smith at State Farm already has a best friend, and it ain't you.
Of course, there's lots more to being a best friend than simply bailing someone out of trouble. I mean, I'm not sure what those things are, so we collected lots of comics to tell us.
What? You love us for supplying you with 15 National Best Friends Day comics? Think nothing of it. After all, what are friends for?
Garfield By Jim Davis July 1, 2007
Pearls Before Swine By Stephan Pastis April 12, 2015
Real Life Adventures By Gary Wise and Lance Aldrich Jan 12, 2015
The Duplex By Glenn McCoy and Gary McCoy April 6, 2015
Sarah's Scribbles By Sarah Andersen Jan 6, 2016
Cul de Sac By Richard Thompson May 7, 2016
Ziggy ...
Bff Best Friends Forever 2009 - Hot Girls Wallpaper
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