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Rambo III
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Rambo III is a 1988 American action adventure film directed by Peter MacDonald. The film depicts fictional events during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. It is the third film in the Rambo series following First Blood and Rambo: First Blood Part II. It was in turn followed by Rambo in 2008, making it the last film in the series to feature Richard Crenna as Colonel Sam Trautman before his death in 2003. In the film, John Rambo sets out in a dangerous journey to Afghanistan in order to rescue his former military commander and his longtime best friend Col. Trautman from the hands of an extremely powerful and ruthless Soviet military general who is bent on killing both Trautman and Rambo, and to conquer Afghanistan for the Soviet armies.
Sixty-five seconds of the film were cut in the UK version for theatrical release.[1] Some later video releases almost tripled the cuts.[5]Rambo III was released worldwide on May 25, 1988, and grossed $189 million against production budget of between $58 and $63 million.

Colonel Sam Trautman visits his old friend and ally John Rambo in Thailand. He explains tha...
Rambo III - W.I.P.Back view by Andreevsky on DeviantArt
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