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Deviantart Rambo 2
cute koala
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And now, the time for answer the questions:
sonkahalx3's questions:

1. Are you allergic to something? If yes, what is it (if you don't mind sharing it)?
 - I love nature, but I'm always suffers, when it's flowering, so nice, so beautiful, and I'm sneezing a lot
2. Even if you are a single child or have sisters/brothers, do you want any/more siblings?
 - I have a 10 year old little sister, and I don't want to have another! : D
3. What is your favourite time of the day to sleep?
 - I hate sleeping, this is a very boooring activity : D I work in 2 shifts so there are not any fix point of the day to sleep.
4. Do you like decorating? Like your room or presents or food, etc?
 - I like it, mainly the rooms, I always have great ideas to decorating everything
5. What type of kid were you in elementary school?
 - I am a very shy and quiet boy, but sometimes I'm so mad and have a lot of fun with my friends and we do a lot of idiotic things and laugh a lot, and I have many warnings from my teachers. The teachers hate me, but I'm a good boy of course : D
6. What was the last thing you ate?...
RAMBO 2 by mvartist on DeviantArt
Nice poster, is not it?

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