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A repost from incredibly talented photographer and a man who has spent countless hours diving with sharks, juansharks. ⁠
"If you are ever approached by a large shark, this is how you want to respond to it, swim away from it slowly to give the shark space in case it is being territorial and always keep eye contact, never turn away and act like prey"⁠
This doesn't mean you can just jump in the water with a shark and we highly recommend against it. It just highlights the use of eye contact, by people who spend their lives diving with sharks, as a deterrent if a shark should choose to come into your space without your knowledge. ⁠
"oceanramsey (pictured here) wrote a nice disclaimer for people wanting to just jump in the water with a shark like Deep Blue. Disclaimer: I highly discourage people from jumping into the water purposely with Great White Sharks and Tiger Sharks. All sharks should be given respect and space as wild animals"⁠
Image: juansharks
"Sphaerychthys vacciniumn - Blueberry Gourami"
6x6" Acrylic on Panel
Graham Robinson 2015
One of the fish featured in my Limited Edition (100 signed and numbered) poster "DRY: Aquatic Animals of the Mystic North" A taxonomic chart of my imagined fish and water animals.
Email (in bio) for purchase info of the painting (Ask for Price).
And check my feed for an image of the poster. There are a few posters left and they are only $40 + shipping.
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I copied this text written by an other activist. At the moment they are threatend by angry agressive farmers:. Today 200 animal rights activists occupied a pig farm in Boxtel, Noord-Brabant (NL). Another 100 activists stood outside to support.

What's the point, you ask?
"If there's nothing to hide, let the media go inside". The media is not allowed inside of  these farms, nor inside of slaughterhouses. It is not allowed to take pictures or clips of the insides nor the animals. 
The why is obvious: images from what happens to those living beings are utterly disturbing and abhorrent. What happens inside is kept a secret, so that we can keep consuming these animals and their secretions mindlessly.

The activists are still inside as I type, they have been for hours and now the farmers have locked the doors (so the activists are locked inside), shut down the lights and cut out the water supplies (the activists were giving water to the pigs, since their drinking bowls were all empty). This is onthe images that they have managed to take and post online. The illegal images of where your food comes from. The images that the industry does NOT want you to see.

They keep you from the truth because they want your money.
They keep you from the truth because they know that if everyone were able to see where their food comes from, they would be disgusted only to the thought of it.
They keep you from the truth so you keep buying and financing them with your money.

You are paying money for this to happen, everytime you buy an animal product you demand for this to happen. You condone these atrocities everytime you eat their flesh or secretions.

Here's what happens inside of these farms, here's where your food comes from:
- Mothers that just gave birth are lieing inside of cages that are as big as their bodies are, with no room for them to move. They are staring at the same wall and same EMPTY WATER BOWL 24hrs a day. Every single day of their lives. 
#Boxtel #DxE #GoVegan #Supportanimalactivists #animalliberation #meatthevictimsNL
LEAVING SPACE// photo by cainedelacy // PLEASE READ. ⁣
Empty space works well for photos and wildlife encounters. I believe the best encounters come from allowing the animals to come to you and so to do the rules and regulations. But others think the best encounters come from swimming after them. ⁣
Time and time again we see people who should know better (photographers, advocates, insta-conservationists) swimming after these animals, freediving between a mum and calf and causing separation, hanging over the top of MUM and calf for a better photo op, while others around wait patiently in the periphery, and in general harassing these animals in the pursuit of portraying a connection for the ‘gram. Please stop doing that. You’re not only harassing the animals but you’re also not being a considerate human to others in the water who are doing the right thing. ⁣
If you’re going to join a whale swim expedition expect your guide to hold you back, ask you to follow precise instructions as they know how to maximize the chance for the animals to make the moment. If they aren’t doing that they’re not guides but just bystanders. ⁣
Not one human on the planet has a greater privilege than any other to harass animals for images. Everyone is equal and the animals well being should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind when entering the water. If not, then your ego is perceived to be greater than the whales health. ⁣
Enjoy these amazing animals. Let them give you a magical story, they will if you wait. If you can’t wait pay more money to spend more time with them and earn it. ⁣
#humpbacks #humpbackwhale #orca #freedive #freediving #scuba #sharks #lovetahiti #snorkeling #boatlife #underwaterphotography #underwaterphoto #uwpic #uwvideo #uwphotography #nikon #nikonnps #moorea #tonga #frenchpolynesia
🎉🎈Congratulations to #birongrong bi.rongrong in participating #shanghaiurbanspaceartseason2019 with her new work “ Things That Flow” , unrated by Fram Kitagawa . 🎉🎈

In recent years' journey, artist Rongrong Bi has been collecting patterns from the different time and space. She re-interpreted these pattern fragments through her paintings, fabrics, field-specific installations, animations. This is also a way for her to respond to history and the real environment. In this exhibition, she paid more attention on the river and the sea that play an important role in the rise of Shanghai. She collected the patterns of water and life from the traditional Chinese landscape painting, stone carvings, and the ancient book "The Classic of Mountains and Seas", as well as the real water images taken during the journey, and combined these patterns together. She created a huge water pattern on the ground, and intertexture with the water wave animation suspended in space and flowing in time. Combine animation with field, Rongrong Bi invited the artist, Cheng Xv, to create a sound part for the work. Cheng Xv filled the whole space with the collected water sound for many years. The sound of melted snow water, the lake wave and the Jiangnan rain were all gathered here. The acoustic scene reproduced the change of water from the level of detail.
#framkitagawa #susas2019 #architecture #art #shanghai #publicart
Nice poster, is not it?

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