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Gaurishwar temple.
The temple plan is simple. It has a sanctum (garbhagriha), a closed hall (mantapa), an open hall supported by granite pillars, and an unusual 
mahadwara (grand entrance) which lacks the usual tower (gopuram) over it. This type of an entrance is called bale mantapa (lit, bangled hall) in a contemporary style.The sanctum contains the linga, the universal symbol of the Hindu god Shiva. The closed hall has images of various Hindu deities; Vishnu, Shanmukha, Parvati, Mahishasuramardini (a form of the goddess Durga), Bhairava (a form of the god Shiva), Durga, Virabhadra (another form of Shiva) and Ganapati.  The walls of the entrance are heavily decorated with reliefs depicting scenes from the puranic stories and the epics. An unusual decoration provided to the entrance are the chains of stone rings (bale). #architect #stonework #hinduism #tempale #mahadev
The Rudranath temple is believed to be established by the Pandavas, the heroes of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Legend has it that the Pandavas came to the Himalayan mountains in search of god Shiva, to redeem them of the sins of killing in the epic Kurukshetra war. God Shiva did not want to meet them and left in form of a bull in the ground and reentered in parts in the Panch Kedar places: the hump raising in Kedarnath, the arms appearing in Tunganath, the navel and stomach surfacing in Madhyamaheswar, the face showing up at Rudranath and the hair and the head appearing in Kalpeshwar.In winter, a symbolic image of Shiva is brought to Gopinath Mandir in Gopeshwar for worship.
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Mumbai Maharashtra India
Mumbai (formerly called Bombay) is a densely populated city on India’s west coast. A financial center, it's India's largest city. On the Mumbai Harbour waterfront stands the iconic Gateway of India stone arch, built by the British Raj in 1924. Offshore, nearby Elephanta Island holds ancient cave temples dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. The city's also famous as the heart of the Bollywood film industry.

Weather: 29 °C, Wind E at 8 km/h, 79% Humidity

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“My dear Arjuna, fear not, for it is all an illusion...” .
nishatattoos did a wonderful job reworking my tattoo! 
Many of you might not know my birth name is Janmika (the script at the base of the statue), it means “born in the rainy season” and is from a Buddhist hybrid form of Sanskrit practiced thousands of years ago that is pretty much extinct now. My father was studying some of the ancient Indian spiritual traditions at the time when I was born and thought it fitting. But I went to a pretty rough school when I was a kid and used to get teased about my name a lot, got in a lot of fights over it, so in third grade we changed it to John. For many years I was embarrassed and resentful that I had such a different name, but now that I’m older and have grown a little more comfortable in my skin, I couldn’t possibly love it any more. My friends and family called me “Mika“ for short and that’s why I’ve recently chosen that moniker for when I DJ as it has special meaning for me. 
The image is of the Indian god, Shiva, in his Nataraja form, performing the Tandava dance of cyclic destruction and creation, wherein the world is destroyed after the age of Kali, and born anew in the age of Satya, described in ancient Hindu text as a “pure age, where there are no poor and no rich, no division”. His right hand is up in the mudra gesture representing the concept of Abhaya (large script at top) which means “fear not”, encouraging us to seek refuge through the ancient Sutras from both worldly and inner conflict, called Maya, meaning illusion (the baby demon he’s standing on). I learned about all of this during my last stay in prison, where I read the Mahabharata and the Bhagavad-Gita, two of the principal texts of Hinduism. I became fascinated with the ideas and stories found in these books and studied them diligently for months. It was the (rocky) start of a huge period of change and transformation in my life. I often look back on those months in my prison cell, just reading and writing in solitude, as one of the most peaceful times in my life. 
Anyway, my apologies for nerding out on this stuff, hope you found it interesting.
Nice poster, is not it?

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