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People Watching Las Vegas
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I don't know where to start...
But, I feel like I do need to make an official post to thank every single person I have met in Las Vegas for shaping me to be a better person. I have told many people that Las Vegas was probably my last choice of place to live- I never even had the desire to visit the city. If it wasn't for leeseongha calling me and convincing me to take the chance. I was still going to be in Texas- most likely in Austin hanging out with im_tiki_ty and theperfect_ruby. For some odd reason, I decided to make a move out to the desert instead of Austin. It's been a very short stint, but I can not thank the people and the city of Las Vegas enough. Working with chefericyoungkim has taught me how to care for each guest with the utmost respect. "Every detail matters." Working at Kame with seanandthespoon & the13chambers taught me how fun it is to share. Watching Sean and Nic grow as a bartender and seeing them understand why everything matters were the most joy I had in a quite a while. But, there's more that I learned from them than I have taught- so thank you so much. Thank you for understanding my stubborn ways and following my guidance- yall have all the playing field now. Enjoy- have fun- and make people happy. Thank you sonjamswanson- my first friend I made in Vegas- who taught me to love our culture all over again. Thank you for feeding me so many delicious home-cooked meals and introducing me to so many amazing people, including kristy_tee. Las Vegas is so much more than flashing neon light and slot machines. It is a city built and runs by hospitality. It is a city that lives to serve others. Well, now I only have three days left here- but, I'm here to make the best of it. Thank you, everyone, for embracing me and showing me so much love. Next Monday, I’ll be driving down to Phoenix, AZ to join the team bitterandtwisted_az. I am very excited to learn so much and share smiles with many more people. ❤️❤️
Bartender, college dropout, pregnant on my 21st Birthday....
Those were my ᴇxᴄᴜsᴇs for not believing in myself and for not seeing the potential in others.
I joined network marketing because I believed in reintroducing hemp to the planet💚.
I’m on the big screen in front of thousands of people in Las Vegas because I now believe in reintroducing the best version of ourselves to the planet.
I want to help people create their dream life, becomes confident and impactful individuals, while sharing pure plant based products that are healing others spiritually, mentally, and physically🔥.
I brought a sample of cbd to my best friends house and using social media she built a business in 18 countries in a year🤯.
Today she was on the big screen too!!!
whityourdayjob .
Its beautiful celebrating others’ success while knowing you shared this opportunity and changed their life forever 😭.
That’s what MDC can do for you.
Give you the honor of watching everyone you link arms with soar to the top🥰.
Our journey started with cannabis but we just found out in Vegas what are 2 new billion dollar brands are😬🔥.
You WANT this opportunity.
You DESERVE this opportunity!
Because it’s not about me, my hardships, my success, it’s about having the tools to lift up everyone around me.
Our products are made with heart, a love for high standards and organic processing- which makes my job so damn easy😛✊🏽.
#dontmissout #thepaigeunwritten #cannabisculture #hempworx #workfromanywhere #shareknowledge #bethechange #liftupothers #networkmarketing #lovethelifeyoulive #fulltimefamily #successstories #ragstoriches #womeninbusiness #mydailychoice
A Once In A Lifetime Event Where I Teach My Deepest, Darkest, Most Powerful Secrets Of Tantric Enlightenment, BDSM Applications In Happy Relationships, And Practicing A Happy, Open, & Effortlessly Persistent Relationships That Last...
In conjunction with the largest adult extravaganza in the world, the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.
I'm holding a 3-hour intensive workshop where you learn powerful mindsets that you will carry with you for the rest of your life to propagate amazing relationships with people, strategic applications using withheld secrets of communication and relationships knowledge, and visual demonstrations of practical skill-sets when it comes to communication, relationships, and sensual exploration with your partner.
The AVN have always been a special time for me where adult entertainers from around the world gather in Las Vegas to share ideas, products, businesses, and as a result of this mastermind, a fantastic opportunity for lots of adult exploration!
Here's what I'll be teaching in this intensive workshop:
1 - 'Openness' Of Relationships
*Mindsets of happy, open, enlightened and effortlessly persistent relationships, deep connection & masterful communication
*Practical, how-to, demonstrations
2 - 'BDSM' Exploration
*Applying and exploring BDSM into your relationship to raise intensity, explore the edges of you and your partner's sensuality, and heighten the quality of "sex" in your relationships
*Practical, how-to, demonstrations of every strategy and philosophy discussed
3 - Tantric Exploration & Using Massage
*Learn the philosophies, step-by-step strategies, and watch Las Vegas' most elite professional demonstrate how to utilize and apply tantric massage for mindblowing sensual experiences
This will be the ONLY time I'll be holding this workshop for the foreseeable future.
And like anything I do, I hold a 100% money-back guarantee that you love this event, or you get your money back without question.
The tuition is $197 and only 3 available spots & you can bring your partner with you and they'll only need to pay half the tuition price.
Message me for the details or to reserve your spot!
#avn #avnshow #avn2019
Post-practice, day 698 of my 1000 Day Practice. 
I had one night in LA and was delighted when one of my Retreat participants from last year & this year offered to host me - thank you Karen. 
She picked me up from the airport (luxury!) and we went for an early dinner at Sun Cafe with three of her friends. 
The restaurant was amazing - voted top ten in LA according to the sign outside, and I could see why. 
The menu (vegan) was outstanding, the ambience stunning & the service fantastic. 
I love servers (waiters) in America & Canada. They just own the experience and take care of guests in a manner I rarely experience in NZ. 
It was a delight to meet with Karen’s friends and talk all things Waking Up. They’re keen to get me over to California next year to lead Retreat... watch this space!

After dinner, Karen took me to her beautiful home & I had the pleasure of meeting her husband & daughter. 
We sat around the kitchen table sipping tea and talking about learning English (Karen is originally from Peru & her husband from Uruguay) and the benefits of drinking sea water. 
Yes! Sea water - Karen’s husband is passionate about the health benefits & has done a few videos on YouTube (in Spanish) about it. 
He even supplies a few people on Las Vegas & Chicago with sea water thanks to FedEx. 
It felt like such an honor to be welcomed so whole heartedly into their home - people are so amazing. 
By 8pm... I was done, so it was a shower, practice, a quick photo, and sleep - knowing I had a 4:30am start in the morning. 
Now I’m back at the airport, all checked in, ready to fly to Puerto Vallarta. 
I’m tired - broken sleep over two or three days. 
And my heart is full and open. Waves of gratitude keep rolling through. 
So little effort seems required now as life unfolds around me, and yet I’m so cared for and loved by everyone around me. 
Nothing to attain. Nothing to achieve. Everything to experience. 
There is something to this awakening thing...
#vegasstrong message from our last aerosmith show. Thanks for remembering us! 3 more chances to see us before November! 🤘🏼 🎥: theaaronperry 
#Repost theaaronperry with make_repost
A little thing I made from last nights show for the people of Las Vegas and in the memory of those lost. #VegasStrong (watch till the end)
Nice poster, is not it?

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