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I keep searching for something and I only ever find myself... #YayoiKusama - Let's Survive Forever 
Got a suggestion to read her autobiography a good while ago...and I love a good book. “The concept of infinite repetition is a center-piece of Kusama’s work. As a child she suffered brutal treatment at the hands of her mother and visions of the infinite appeared to her as a consequence of this suffering. Therefore, the essential element of the artist’s identity and work might be understood as an ordered and systematic response to cruelty which takes the form of a vision of infinite perfection that can cover the universe (and sources of pain within it) but not change its nature.

This approximates, perhaps, the vision we tend to have of therapeutic recovery or the elimination of psychological pain. When one reaches a state of peace, where one can deal with memories and actions that once caused inner pain, the once external causes of pain become harmless. Kusama renders benign all possible elements that might cause pain, through her patterns. She has even covered herself and others in polka dots, in the past, since we are the chief source of pain to each other. ....This too becomes benign and these questions are muted by the polka dots.

Perhaps this is why the artist has said repeatedly that her art is an attempt at self-obliteration. The infinity of the polka dots is an offering to her public, an offering of a therapeutic obliteration for those of us suffering due to the callousness, indifference or outright cruelty of others. The creation of her pieces allows the submerging of her identity into a meaningful process, revealing the source of psychological pain to be based on rigorous attempts to retain identity and selfhood in lieu of surrendering ourselves to the goddess of mercy. In the very creation of the polka dots, in her effort to offer peace to others, Kusama surrenders to compassion and this, alone, eliminates her pain.” Read full review by Daniel Gauss for David Zwirner Gallery, 2017 Manhattan opening at 
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Purchased this polka-dot blouse a year into my marriage, 1997. I've considered donating it several times, but for some reason couldn't part with it. Wanted to wear a hat today for MY casual Wednesday and thought what can I wear with my trusty red pageboy hat, yep one of my favorite prints, another of my old faithfuls the polka dot.  Received so many unexpected compliments today Walmart, Post Office and place of employment till I figured why not share. What we lack in Fall temperatures we can make up for with fall hues.  Happy Hump Day. 
The polka dot print was first made popular in the 1920s, and has been a designer's go to every decade since.  Something to be said about the classics and longevity. 
Nice poster, is not it?

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