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Half Draenei Half Tauren
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A half-draenei is the offspring of one draenei parent or half-draenei and another species such as an orc.[1] Half-draenei may have less-pronounced draenic physical features, such as horns, tails, or hooves. [2][3]Garona, and her son Med'an, show little draenei features like shiny eyes or chin spines on the latter, instead looking almost entirely orcish. Half-orc half-draenei is the full name to describe the race when one they are part half-orc and part half-draenei. Half-draenei is the short form. Orc-draenei half-breed is another way of describing this combination. Prior to Exodar crashing on Azeroth the only known half-draenei known[1] would have had to been of Lost Ones (and possibly Broken) descent).
Half-orc, half-draenei are reviled and scorned by both draenei and orc cultures.[4] According to Lantresor of the Blade, his kind are a rare breed, with most having been killed decades ago.[5]
Around 99 years before the First War, the Bladewind orcs began raiding draenei caravans. While many draenei wanted to retaliate, their leader Velen forbade it. Instead, he allowed the Rangari to launc...
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