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Water Flowing From Tap
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Are you concerned about the water that flows from your tap???
Worry no more a solution has come.  PureLife Tap Water Purifier, with 7 layers of high-quality materials is efficient water filtration, which can block the particles of 0.1um and particles that’s 500 times smaller than the hair. 
Benefits of PureLife Tap Water Purifier

Water filtration

Rich in minerals

0.1um particles blocking

Why Choose BF Suma PureLife Tap Water Purifier?

High-Tech Ceramic Filter Cartridge

Removes most rusts, sediment, plankton, bacteria, unpleasant oder and taste

Easy One-Click Installation

The Purewell filter kit is compact and mounts directly onto your existing faucets with no tools in seconds

Fits Most Faucets

6 screw thread adapters and 1 universal adapter available, adapt to most faucets
Switchable Water Flow Type

Enjoy filtered or unfiltered water at the flip of a switch

Cleanable and Replaceable Filter Cartridge

Cartridge life up to 3 months.  replace every 3 - 4 months.

Price:19,000 NGN
Fresh water is drawn from one of the storage tanks by one of the fresh water pump and the water flows into different systems like: drinking water, accommodation and deck services, domestic water system and engine room services.
Drinking water system covers the water supply to drinking fountains and accommodation use in cabins and galley. 
Domestic hot water system supplies the hot water to the accommodation for domestic purposes. Water is circulating continuously by a hot water circulating pump being passed through a calorifier which can be either steam or electrically heated to raise the water to the correct temperature. The arrangement ensures that hot water is readily available when a tap is open, thus reducing water loss due to cold water flowing before hot water reaches the outlet.
Engine room system supplies water to different areas, systems and equipments like: central cooling fresh water system, purifiers, ME and A.E. turbochargers water washing, Oily water separator, Boilers water washing system etc.
Boiler feed water make-up is taken, on some vessels, from distilled water tank and added to the cascade/filter tank.
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#maplewater is steady. The barometric pressure change is making the trees transpire like mad. 💦 another freezing day and more gallons to harvest tomorrow! I’m so excited. Right now the maple tree sap is flowing abundantly, in preparation for spring transformation. 🌱❄️While the ground is still frozen, the pressure raises upward to the sunny maple trees branches so we can tap into the life flowing energy of these hundreds of years old trees. 🌞🌳
Deep frozen roots are preparing for spring transformation and 
trees are feeling the heat and the thaw from northern winters give way for the nutritional spring tonic. #medicine 
I love that we nourish ourselves with the same water the tree uses to gain its life force back. #chi #water #flow #shapelesswater to gain form#
What a gift from the earth, the trees have given so abundantly this year that I want to share their gift with you. We humans are made up of the same shapeless water that is nourishing these amazing trees. Each tree has its own taste; some are sweeter than others and some taste like fresh pure spring water. I’ve been drinking just maple water for the last couple of weeks in replacement of water and feel great. What I noticed is the my digestive system has been cleansed, I’m breaking down food better without taking enzymes and not craving sweets per usual. 
Here’s how much this precious elixir is, if you want to try it, before warm weather moves in and we’ll have to wait for another year to get more:
1 gallon for $20
3 gallons for $40

Message me! I have some glass quarts set aside too if for $10 each, you want to try just a small amount.

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Right. “How to have a shower when it’s raining in Kenya”, as in, when it’s not sunny, i.e. when the solar water heater stays cold. 1. Examine all taps/gate valves in to and out of solar heater and kuni booster (“firewood” booster, similar to Heath Robinson rocket launcher 🚀 as shown) and in to house. 2. Follow instructions and still get cold water. 3. Turn all gate valves off and all on again in series. 4. Forget series of on/off and just try any old order. Cold. 5. WhatsApp George the genius solar plumber. 6. Call him. Have encouraging conversation. Get cut off. 7. Get really annoyed feeling all the nice hot water pipes all round the kuni booster. 8. Give up. 😤 9. Hear Land Cruiser pull up at 6.30pm, containing no less than George the Solar Plumber late back from a job miles away, but kindly stopped by on his way home despite leaving at 6am! 10. Pipe wrench open the mystery pipe and hey presto HOT WATER floweth from the house taps!! Yay! 😀11. Fit new non-return valve in the dark to pipe flowing back into the solar tank to prevent all hot water flowing back into 100 litres of cold 🥶 ... #notetoself ... and finally! Enjoy hot shower like never before. #marvellous. Thank you George.
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REDUCE CONTAMINANTS and MUlTI-STAGE FILTRATION : Come with 8 stages filtrer characterized by high perfromance in reducing sediment, chlorine, cysts, linden, benzene, asbestos, mercury and lead.

WIDE COMPATIBILITY : Multi-Size connectors as well as a universal joints are sent with the package for for faucets of different sizes. Please Note : it dosen't fit for faucet whose diameter is longer than 25mm.

EASY and CONVENIENT : faucet water filter can be installed quickly and easily, once in place, provides continual filtered water for months. Which provides protection for all your family.

LONG-LASTING : Faucet filtration is characterized by a superior long filter life. Each filter delivers 6 months of clean and fresh water, much longer than many other faucet filter in the market.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN : Simple switch lever allows quick switch from quality filtered water to regular tap water.

Type: Install directly on the faucet
Minimum Water Pressure: 1 kgf/cm²
Maximum Water Pressure: 4 kgf/cm²
Initial Current: 2 litres/min (Water pressure 1kgf/cm²) Water temperature 20 Celsius
Filter Service Life: 3 - 6 months (10 litres/day) depends on spesific use water amount and the water quality
Weight: 360g

1. The water pressure of the faucet must be between 1kgh/cm² and 4kgf/cm². If below the range, the water flow will be small, and il above the range the filter might be damaged.

2. Let the water flow under the purifier for 10 seconds before use every other day.

3. If not used for more than two days, let water folow through filter for 60 seconds before using the water.

4. The water temperature though the water purifier should not exceed 50 Celsius or the filter might be damaged.

5. Do not let the filter to freeze.

6. When installing the adapter, be sure to install a waterproof pad, otherwise leakage might occure.
Package Contents:
1 * Faucet Water Filter
Only the above package content, other products are not included.

Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.
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