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A Little Quarantine Themed Art Work Poster #281333658
quarantine themed
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May 19, 2020 · Creten’s work, mostly sculpting in clay and bronze, often explores themes of nature, power, politics, and spirituality and expressions of what can be described as “the storm within.”
May 05, 2020 · One project she’s taken off the backburner: a deck of playing cards she’s designing with her quarantine buddy, Bobby. Like many of Johnson’s other works, which range from textiles to animation, the cards are teeming with arcane symbols, each suit a futuristic rune. Selling the finished decks will be one way to support herself.
Art During Quarantine. Foundation Drawing Final Assignment student art. Foundation Drawing ARTT001. Professor Randall Exon's Foundation Drawing class has learned to adapt to creating in their new spaces outside of their classroom studio spaces.Read more and view their creative experience in the new PDF catalog her.


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