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Alexandra Potter Poster #3788800561
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Alexandra Potter . Alexandra Potter se narodila v Bradfordu, žila ve Spojených státech a v Austrálii; působila jako přispívající autorka a redaktorka ženských časopisů ve Velké Británii. Nyní se věnuje pouze psaní a bydlí v Los Angeles.
I am Alexandra Potter and for almost nine years already a ballet heels model running this website with Raymond K. Larum, my photographer, programmer, web designer, marketing director, social media manager and much more but also a very good friend. With ballet heels, my talent was awakened. Therefore this website is dedicated to ballet heels.
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Hailed by The Times as ‘A winning formula… sharply written, pacey and funny’ and by The Daily Mirror, who declared ‘Nobody does it quite like Alexandra Potter’, my books have been translated into over twenty-five languages, hit bestseller lists, sold over a million copies worldwide and been optioned by several major film companies.
A dedicated subreddit of me, Alexandra Potter. Completely managed by myself with content I created together with Raymond K. Larum / @raykela 1. No Pornhub! Reddit Inc © 2021. All rights reserved


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