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christine bailey

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Christine is an award winning Nutritional Therapist, Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Chef, Author and Broadcaster with over 18 years of experience. Advanced Nutrition Most people are way too fixated on their weight and what the numbers tell them on scales.
CanonQuest is Book #1 in the new Scroll Wars series: What's it about? After being sucked into a virtual reality game, AJ and Clem must employ the help of some strange but familiar characters in order to reach the final level and receive the mysterious grand prize.
Christine Bailey is the Chief Financial Officer of Accenture Federal Services. She is responsible for leading all financial management and compliance activities of this wholly-owned government contracting subsidiary which serves clients across all sectors of the US federal government—defense, intel, public safety, health, and civilian.
Adventure, Beauty, Books, Farming, Food, Freedom, Freelance Writing, Friendship, Gathering, Marriage, Memoirs, Motherhood, Simplicity


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