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Darth Vader Comedy Poster Plaque Star Wars Infamous #4182755672
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Unframed print

Framed canvas
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6" × 6"
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8" × 8"
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11" × 11"
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16" × 16"
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23" × 23"
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33" × 33"
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darth vader poster funny plaque comedy wars star mounted inspired daddy

Poster theme

Mounted on wood plaque with a canvas style frame, this strong piece of artwork will make a statement throughout your home or office. Inspired by the Sith Lord “Darth Vader” from the Star Wars films. With a bit of a spin on the major scene of the film this comedy poster of Darth Vader is the perfect gift for any fun loving Star Wars fan.
Inspired by the characters “Kylo Ren & Darth Vader” from the Star Wars films. The Dark side force is strong with these two war lords of the universe. This piece features awesome art work of your two favorite Dark Side characters and they make a great addition to any Star Wars collection.
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