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Jsi Commander Steel By Frischdvh On Poster #3122462936
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This is a new series where I basically write a bare bones script for a movie that I might like to see. Hope you enjoy.... MCU: The X-MEN The Cast: THE X-MEN: Prof. X Cyclops Storm Rogue Nightcrawler Wolverine Thunderbird Psylocke THE BROTHERHOOD: Magneto Blob Toad Sabretooth Havok Polaris Mastermind OTHERS: Sen. Robert Kelly Sebastian Shaw Ms. Tessa Sage This story takes
First appearance: (Hank Heywood), Steel, The Indestructible Man # 1 (March 1978), (Hank Heywood III), Justice League of America Annual #2 (1984), (Nathan Heywood), Justice Society of America (vol. 3) #1 (February 2007)
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In that time he was commissioned Commander Steel by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. His membership in the Squadron was only for a brief period as Crisis on Infinite Earths caused him to shift from his native Earth-Two to Earth-One, which later became the Post-Crisis Earth. Hank retired from his superhero career, as there were no active costumed heroes at that time on his new home.
One of my unused DC Revolt characters. In Revolt Apocalypse would have gathered his family from the races he believed Highfather neglected. Lobo was his Steppenwolf.


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