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Marvel Heroes Art Direction Josh Book Animation Poster #3137091879
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animation, in-game cinematics, and motion comics animation. with outsourced animation production studios and comic book artists for 2D animation work. • Animated CG characters for the “Marvel Origins” cinematic opener. • Established visual style and look of game, from visual development to final in-game graphics.
MARVEL HEROES ART DIRECTION: CHARACTER VISUAL DEVELOPMENT. Based on my original pitch for the look of the game, we started with the visual development of the characters. With the Marvel IP, we’d all seen these characters depicted hundreds of different ways, so it would be a challenge figuring out what OUR Spider-Man or Hulk would look like.
The Marvel Heroes opening/cinematic movie featured CG and 2D animation. The CG part was done by our small in-house team, and the 2D animation was done by Titmouse. We storyboarded and did the animatic in-house, and I did all of the CG character animation for Dr. Doom and the Watcher.
MARVEL HEROES: ANIMATION. With my background in animation, you know I had to be heavily involved in this part of the production. 🙂 At the character planning meetings I’d help plan out moves and attacks, idles, fidgets, etc. In the daily animation reviews I’d give notes, trying not to pull anything while demonstrating superheroic moves.
marvel heroes art direction As Art Director for the “Marvel Heroes” MMORPG, I had a team of 30 artists in-house, and oversaw all aspects of the game graphics. From establishing the style of the game, to working with Marvel on the characters and brand compliance, to overseeing the environments, animation, VFX, UI, and marketing assets such as key art and trade show booth displays.


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