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Pure Harry Potter Fanpop Poster #2196868716
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Harry Potter is a HALF-BLOOD! This is because the basis of being pure-blooded of whatever is in your family! If your parents are both of wizarding ancestry, like Malfoy's, you are pure blooded. But if one of your parents is a muggle-born and one is of wizarding origin, you are a half-blood.
Hello there. As many of Harry Potter fans surely know, there are many characters who have received a lot of illogical hate from some people, often poorly explained, since in general, the haters are unable to express their own opinion and lack fantasy, so the arguments are basically the same, especially for females.
Coincidentally, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley are all the three types of wizards; Harry being a half-blood, Hermione being Muggle-born, and Ron being a pure-blood. Many characters mention throughout the series that blood purity doesn't matter, often using Hermione Granger in comparison to Ron Weasley and Neville Longbottom as an example.
As statistics show, the Harry Potter book-movie partnership and the merchandise which stems from it has seen unprecedented success. Success, which, many could argue, is unreplicatable The reason for this, in my opinion, is that no one has ever fully explored in enough detail the why of Harry Potter.
Harry Potter More Polls Do you prefer the Death Eaters or the Aurors? What would be your first reaction if an owl showed up to your house with an acceptance letter from Hogwarts?
Fanpop original article: The frequantly asked question of how were the children educated before their Hogwarts age and does it really have something to do with pure-blood matters, like some assume. Harry Potter Club


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