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Review Using The Hue Pro Camera In Classroom Poster #1113763981
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I would (and constantly do) recommend the HUE Pro HD camera or a related item to other teachers. It packs quite a bit of educational value into such a compact, agile, and exciting tool. Setting up this product was extremely easy and took me around five minutes.
Nov 13, 2015 · Teacher and Instructional Technology Facilitator Michael West of Wendell Middle School has put together a fantastic video review of our HUE HD Pro document camera, which takes the viewer through the process of using the camera in the classroom one step at a time. Michael West _ Staff - WendellMS 606 subscribers Hue Document Camera Review
The compact nature of the HUE allowed me to set up a space on my desk at the front of the classroom that allows me to work in real time with the students while also facing them the entire time (which when they are six and seven this is key!). I always disliked working on the white board or smart board with my back to the students.
HUE HD Pro Camera Use the HUE HD Pro for: Showing a book or small object to the whole class at once, rather than making copies. Demonstrating a science project. Displaying students’ work for live marking. Engaging students in correcting their work (peer editing). Recording a technique or experiment and replaying it to the class.


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