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Rolling Stones 1972 Winterland First Concert Poster #2439718590
stones poster rolling winterland 1972 tour rock concert dice american june francisco san north tumbling sf ballroom
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Winterland was the Stones' third stop on their North American Tour. Working their way down the West Coast from Vancouver and Seattle, the concert was called Tumblin' Dice after one of their major songs and featured crowd-favorites Brown Sugar and You Can't Always Get What You Want.
Rolling Stones - Winterland (BG-289) June 6 & 8, 1972 21.75" x 27.75" concert poster for show at San Francisco's Winterland featuring Rolling Stones (BG-289, 2nd printing). Second printing, as indicated by no white outline at the bottom of the die in back.
Jul 19, 2017 · The Rolling Stones were at the peak of their powers in the summer of 1972: Keith Richards was playing the most fearless rhythm guitar of his career; Taylor stretched out their music to improbable peaks; and Jagger stalked the stage, whipping his belt and perfecting his ability to turn music, as critic Robert Greenfield observed, into a psychodrama.
The Rolling Stones American Tour 1972 was a much-publicized and much-written-about concert tour of the United States and Canada in June and July 1972 by The Rolling Stones. Constituting the band's first performances in the United States following the Altamont Free Concert in December 1969, critic Dave Marsh would later write that the tour was "part of rock and roll legend" and one of the "benchmarks of an era."
Bill Graham’s numbered poster series began in 1966 with BG-1, which advertised Jefferson Airplane at The Fillmore Auditorium. While the sequential BG Series ends in June 1972 with BG-289—the famous Rolling Stones “Tumbling Dice” poster—the Series includes the 1973 BG-288 Nassau Coliseum poster featuring the Grateful Dead.


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