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Wolverine 59 Poster #3065852743
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While Wolverine screams in pain, as his arm is being held in water. Smiling broadly, the green skinned man in a suit smiles broadly and tells him to not fight it, for he’s only making it harder on himself.
Wolverine’s opponent then becomes Alpha Flight’s operative, the pre-X-Men version of himself. “The real you has been there all along.” He slashes at Wolverine repeatedly, drawing blood yet again. He transforms into the Logan of Wolverine’s nightmares and he tells Wolverine that he’s gotta face it. There’s to be no more running.
Publisher Marvel Store Date January 1, 2008 Cover Price $2.99 Editing John Barber, Aubrey Sitterson Script Marc Guggenheim Pencils Arthur Suydam, Howard Chaykin


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