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Explore these lesson plans on Yellowstone's geology, hydrothermal features, wildlife, and more. Distance Learning. If you are too far away to bring students to Yellowstone, we bring the world’s first national park to the students. Institutes and Field Schools.
Then stick the sheets on the walls of the classroom, at a height your students can reach. At this point of your lesson, take out your colored pencils/crayons and demonstrate the activity. Walk around the class and color a small part of each circle with one color (always say the color as you are coloring).
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Provide each group with only red, blue, and yellow crayons or paint. Encourage students to color a picture or create a free-form picture of their own. Continue asking the class for examples of things that are a specific color. During play times and snack times, say color names for objects and foods.
OTHER YELLOW ACTIVITY IDEAS. Wear YELLOW for a day: Dress your child and/or yourself wearing the colour yellow for the day. YELLOW Discovery Box: Go on a ‘yellow treasure hunt’ around the house with a box and fill it with as many blue things as you can find.
If you’re obsessed with “The Yellow Wallpaper” lesson plans, check out “The Yellow Wallpaper” teaching guide. It contains a summary, analysis, eight lesson plans aligned to the common core with graphic organizers, rubrics, and answer keys. There’s also a quiz and a copy of the story.
Upon completion of this lesson, students will be able to: 1. define 'yellow journalism' 2. distinguish between responsible and yellow journalism
Take a brief walk around the neighborhood so that the preschoolers have a chance to recognize various yellow objects in nature and in the community. This adorable baby chick craft is an art project that fits perfectly with a yellow theme for preschool.


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